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Cart #dialog_box-0 | 2020-09-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Dialog Box Library

For Full Moon Sweet, we created a dialog box inspired by Oli414's Dialog Text Box Lib that could be used for both the intro story and the battles. All of the code for our dialog widget was pretty self-contained, so I thought I could package it up for others to use in their own games.

How to play the demo

Z = Continue Text
X = Skip to the end of the line

How to use in your game

  • Copy the dialog object from this cart and paste into your own game.
  • In your game's _update function, call dialog:update() and in the _draw function, call dialog:draw().
  • Whenever you want to show new text within your game, call dialog:queue("your text here").
  • If you want to autoplay text, you can pass "true" as the second argument to dialog:queue and it will simply add a delay between messages instead of waiting for input.
  • It is set up to queue dialog, so if you have different triggers within your game which should show text, you can queue each of those of up and it will display the text in the order you queued them.

The code for this could probably be made more efficient, so feel free to take a stab at it. Hit me up if you have any questions.

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Cart #full_moon_sweet-0 | 2020-09-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Full Moon Sweet

It's Halloween and you've just gone trick-or-treating. When you get home you and your friends dump your stashes on the floor. Who got the best loot? Who got the most candy? Who cares... before you know it, your candies have come to life, with a thirst for blood and sugar!


  • 5 unique candies
  • Unique abilities for each candy
  • Each time you play, your candy and the enemies are randomized

How to play

  1. Launch the game
  2. Press z to start the game
  3. During the dialog, you can press x to skip to the end
  4. After each dialog, press z to continue
  5. During battle, press the up and down arrows to select your ability and press the z key to use the ability
  6. If you lose you can press the z key to try again from where you lost
  7. If you win, press z to go back to the title screen where you can press z to play again

The game



Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

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Cart #zombie_rush-1 | 2020-07-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This is a game I made with my 6 year old son in a few hours. He came up with game world, mechanics, and contributed art. I did the coding and music.

The goal is simple: wielding only your trusty sword, survive the zombie horde!

Use Z and X to jump/attack. Press Enter and reset cart to start over.

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"Crushed" is a game developed by Jon Koon and Rusty Bailey over a weekend for the game jam, Ludum Dare 42. The theme for this jam was "Running out of Space".
The game is hosted on itch.io (https://rustybailey.itch.io/crushed) and you can find the LD42 page here (https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/crushed).


Enter a cursed tower where the world has come alive and grows with every touch! Reach the top of the tower to attain the chalice and break the curse!


  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press Z or Up Arrow to jump.
  • If you get stuck, press Enter to open the pause menu and select “Restart Level”.

We would love any feedback you have! Good luck!

game_6.gif game_4.gif game_5.gif

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What is this?

I plan to create a shmup for Pico-8, but I wanted an easy way to test different attack patterns. This started off as a simple toy to test creating a circle of bullets and expanded into a tool to play with several different variables in order to fine tune attacks.

What can I do with it?

  • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the menu. On each menu item press left and right to change the value.

Alt Text

  • Press Z to hide the UI. While hidden, you can use the arrows to move the bullet pattern's origin point.
  • Press X to reset the values to defaults.

Loop On

This changes which frame bullets/bullet waves are created. Basically, how often they appear.

Alt Text

Cluster Count

This affects how many bullets appear per wave. This is only enabled for the "arc" and "radial" pattern types.

Alt Text


Defaults to 0. When greater than 0, it will create bullets for X frames, and then pause for X frames.

Alt Text


Defaults to 0. When greater than 0, it will rotate the bullets clockwise, less than zero, counter-clockwise.

Alt Text

Bullet Type

Square, Circle, or 3 Different Sprites

Alt Text


Cycle through all bullet pattern types: Single, Cross, Spreadshot, Arc, Semi-Circle, and Radial

Alt Text

So check out this code to learn or just load up the cart and play around!

Alt Text
Alt Text

I would love any feedback on my first cart submission. Code on Github: https://github.com/rustybailey/bullet_pattern_tester

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