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Emiel makes games for over 10 years and fell in love with Pico-8 since first saw her.


Hi everybody!

Last week I launched one of the smallest JRPG's you'll ever play: TinyRPG! Recover your stolen egg by defeating monsters, level up and discover hidden areas in my second Pico-8 game! (It's a multi-cart so unfortunatly not on the BBS)


I'm really curious what the talented people in the Pico-8 community think of the game. I want to develop the game further so any feedback (especially on the player-experience) is very welcome!

Another thing I'm struggling with is attracting players! Does anybody have any suggestions with regards to this topic? I've reached out to IndieGamesPlus.com but I had a hard time getting in touch with other media-centric folks with an affinity for the smallest Indie Games.

Thanks so much in advance!


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Hope Squadron is a local multiplayer co-op shoot 'm up with a touching story. It's my first Pico-8 project and the first time I'm using LUA. I hope you'll give it a go with a friend and would love to hear feedback!

Emiel Kampen

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