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I like pandas.


Hey! I’m a 19 years old French student in electronic and computer engineering. I discovered Pico-8 with the PocketCHIP, but it’s only now that I did something with it, so here it is: my first Pico-8 game! I hope you’ll like it!

This game is called Dalek and is a remake of the original Macintosh game “Daleks” that I played a lot when I was a kid.

Overall, making this game was really fun, I did struggle a bit with the animation system and at the end my code got ugly but hey, I made this game ONLY on a PocketCHIP. I don’t recommend you do the same, it’s awful, seeing only a dozen lines of code at once makes it hard to remember how you put everything together.
Feel free to comment and give me suggestions!

Cart #44572 | 2017-09-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

You must kill all the Daleks before they kill you.
You kill the Daleks by making them collide with each other or by using your hammer which kills all nearby Daleks (you only have one hammer per level).
If you get stuck (and you will), you can teleport randomly on the map. Be careful! You can land next to a Dalek and that could kill you, there’s a little bit of luck involved here.


  • Press arrow keys to move the cursor.
  • Press O (Z/N/C on the keyboard) to move to the cursor’s position.
  • Press X (X/M/V on keyboards) once to teleport.
  • Hold X to use your hammer (once per level).
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