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School Mayhem 2
by TechGeek_YT

I was working at "School Mayhem 2" and saw in the "Pickups" folder cool items like grenade a twirlgun. So I tried to use them and published the game. It was all looking fine but when I tried the game in the browser (Firefox Quantum), I picked up the grenade launcher and when I pressed X nothing happened. I think it's kind of weird bug because the weapon works fine in the editor. Thinking it was just an issue of the grenade launcher I removed it and added the twirlgun. This weapon also worked in the editor but not in the web browser. I don't know what to do. I hope @zep fixes this issue.

P.S.: sorry for eventual bad English

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Ugly game about my high school. Reloaded version of my previous game School Mayhem (Junior High School) and hopefully this will be updated very often with new levels.


School Mayhem 2 original story is officially completed. The next updates will be relative to bug fixes, balancements and levels' graphic improvements

Version 1.4 [COMPLETED]


There are so many things to write, but I'm bored and I'm late for school :D

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Version 1.3.1


New Contents:

  • Added Janitor NPCs! Now you can watch them scared in their watchdog all the time or kill them


  • In "Physics Lab" (Level 4) removed an health pack and added a "+1 Life" when killing the boss
  • In the last sequence of Bosco di Portici (Level 10) number of clones decreased (from 50 to 25)

Bug fixes:

  • In "Duck's Blood Pool" (Level 9) modified the weapon that you unlock when you kill the boss (from Grenade to Twirly Gun) because of a bug that didn't make the Grenades work only in web game player (please @zep fix this)

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Version 1.3


New Contents:

  • "Bosco di Portici" sequence (4 levels) with checkpoint when you get in
  • Meet the 3rd boss: Solar Flare!
  • Added game logo on "1E"'s floor (Level 1)


  • In "Physics Lab" (Level 4) added an extra life (from 4 to 5 total HP)
  • "Physics Lab" (Level 4) checkpoint moved to "Corso Umberto I" (Level 5)

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Version 1.2.2



  • Survey (shooting mode): https://www.strawpoll.me/17664339/
  • In "2nd Floor" (Level 2) number of medkits decreased from 3 to 2
  • In "1st Floor" (Level 3) number of medkits increased from 2 to 4
  • In "Physics Lab" (Level 4) number of medkits decreased from 3 to 2
  • After beating Sacco ("Physiscs Lab", Level 4), player will respawn on death on next room (checkpoint)

Bug Fixes:

  • In "Physics Lab" (Level 4) fixed a bug where the "Next Level" pellett appeared on level start.

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Version 1.2.1

Added "Corso Umberto I" street and a new boss that protects the access to Portici's Forest.

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Version 1.1

Added 1st floor and Physics Lab

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Version 1.0

1st version of the game with Classroom, 2nd floor and toilet

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A little videogame of my school.

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