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Before asking my question I want to state: I have tried my darnedest to look this up on my own and am falling short on answers. I installed xubuntu on an old laptop that I have automatically logging in and have got pico8 running perfectly fine and to my liking. HOWEVER! I want pico 8 to start immediately after the login happens. I have looked up such things as "running scripts on start up ubuntu" and "how to run a script after login ubuntu" and have gotten many suggestions. one suggestion was to edit the init.d file. I added my script and it appeared to work. HOWEVER! the keyboard, mouse, and external monitor did not work. I assume the script ran before some hardware initialization or something, I don't know. This issue essentially bricked my xubuntu install, as when I restarted it, it would no longer respond to any user inputs. I reimaged my laptop again and am running running a fresh install with pico 8 working again. Here is my question: How can I have pico 8 run after the computer turns on, boots up, and automatically logs into the default account? I am not really a linux newbie, but this is a particularly frustrating gap in my knowledge that perhaps I am not using the correct search terms for. Sorry for the wall of text.

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I still want to add music, a title screen, and update a few of the graphics, but for the most part, this is a complete experience.

You play as a pink slime on the hunt for gold coins. As you collect more coins, the world opens up to you.

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