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A civilization game inspired by Reeelz.
You might wanna try Reeelz (free on Kong) first as a warmup, since it shares some of the mechanics.

Time worked : ~3 weeks (too long, even if it was fun)
When you get to age 4 you win. I had more ideas for higher ages, but I was getting short on tokens and way past the point of diminishing returns -_-
Some combos at age 3 are pretty much here for thematic purpose and otherwise useless (like Horse).
This will change though if I eventually resume the project on another device.

Note : I am not english native speaker, so I'm interested in any error or weird text you might notice, for the sake of improvement :)

Commands :
Left / Right / Up / Down : navigate around the wheel
C : Action

Made the instructions clearer ! Hopefully the mechanics are less confusing now. Let me know what you think ;)

Edit : added tags because they look so shiny

08/08/2017 :
Sequel on Kong !

Let me know what you think about it

04/10/2017 :
Spin on itch.io


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