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Hello, PICO-8 community! I have just recently made an account and have made a few comments, and I wanted to say hello, as a (relatively) new user. I also might be (or have been) seen playing other games as "TheTepigMaster," "TheTepigMaster456," "TepigMaster," "Thomulous Weaver," "TheTepigMaster21," and "Damian Naimad." I love the engine and all the absolutely AMAZING work people have put into these games. I hope to someday, when I get a bit older, (And/or get my own bank account...) to get a copy of PICO-8 and/or Voxatron. Also, I hope you have a good weekend! I was going to use the Good Friday pun, but it's 12:07, and I should sleep. So, hi and bye, and let's all experience the creativity of others together!

P#63717 2019-04-20 05:12

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Hello PICO-8 community! I have a somewhat large problem. Today, during school, I was told to sign out of my user, and I did the thing we needed to, and when I had reopened the tabs upon login, the cartridges on the BBS had lower quality! The pixels were blurred, and it is just kind of annoying to be playing a good game that has pixels for display, and the pixels are fuzzy. So, if anyone else has had a problem like this, can you help me out?

P#63628 2019-04-17 23:31 ( Edited 2019-04-19 13:00)