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Hey everyone!

I'm a highschooler who loves making things, and am starting a club at my school to teach how to code and build things.

I thought pico8 would be a great starting point - and so I went ahead and wrote a tutorial for a super simple game in pico8 that my friends would be comfortable starting out with. It's not too long - 20 lines of code, and fits in a tweet! I introduce audio and maps too.

Here's what the tutorial looks like - https://www.notion.so/jajoosam/Maze-c06d7ac6968a4402abc0115430a2b6d5

Let me know what you think :)

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A simple game, to get people started with pico8. It introduces sound and maps too.

I'm working on a tutorial to make this right now - and will use it in a workshop where I start building a game like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5RXMuH54iw and then evolve it into the maze game.

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My second game this week!

I found out it was possible to get the mouse co-ordinates, so tried to make something that uses them - try it out 😄

I've reused the raindrop sprite from my previous game, Rainman but everything else is new - including the mechanics and sound effects - I've also programmed increasing difficulty as you collect more yellow drops.

I hope you like it, and share your high scores!

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Built my first game with pico8 and it was super fun! I followed this tutorial for ~30 minutes and then tweaked it.

I was able to add a title screen, horizontal raindrops, sprite switching, poison switching and movement all around in just an hour :)

It'll be fun to host a small game jam at my school with pico8!

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