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For more information, check out the itch.io-page which also includes a manual!



A game about locking and unlocking!

Heeding the tales of an old man, Zana makes her way to the catacombs to find Lockey's fabled artifact that grants its owner immeasurable power. As she reaches the catacombs, the ground gives way and drops her in the middle of this otherworldly underground... which is filled with locks and keys! As Zana keeps locking and unlocking doors, collecting and using keys, she realizes: the old Lockey was a nutcase and this place is a labyrinth! What will Zana do? Perish between the locks? Keep her cool and find a way out? Or even retrieve the artifact and make her dreams become a reality? It’s up to you!

The game

Welcome to the strange catacombs of Lockey! This place may seem daunting at first, but keep your wits about yourself and you’ll do just fine! LOCKEY: Zana’s Tale is a puzzle game for one player. By controlling Zana, your goal is to figure out how to go from room to room in order to exit the catacombs … or maybe even find Lockey’s artifact! Zana’s only action is locking and unlocking doors. There are no hazards to speak of, there are no Game Overs and you can play the game from start to finish without interruption.

Controls, Locking and Unlocking

You may have heard of many adventures where the hero finds keys to unlockdoors and then that door would be open forever. This game is very different! Every door you unlock, you can lock again. And that’s not all! Everytime you lock a door, you receive a key! Sure, that door may be an obstacle again, but maybe you can get creative elsewhere with this new key!

Press O near a locked door to unlock it, provided that you have a key.
Press O near an unlocked door to lock it and receive a key!

You may find different kinds of locks, like those with a number on it. For example, if a lock says "3", you need 3 keys in your inventory to open it!


Code for outlines by Liquidream
Code for screenshake and fade by Krystman
This game started out as a result of this tutorial by Dylan Bennett

First game I finished in PICO-8 and the code is quite messy, but I hope the game is fun at least! Thanks for playing and let me know what you think!

For more information, check out the itch.io-page which also includes a manual!


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