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I'am an indie game developer working on the game Domiverse http://domiverse.be/

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Dom8verse is a demake of our WIP game Domiverse.
It is a multiplayer arena, one hit “Nooo” game, where aliens with unique skills fight for the domination of the universe.

The pico-8 version only has one character and allow 1v1 versus friend. So it is highly recommended to use joysticks to play the game.

Default inputs:

Player 1:
Move: Arrows
Jump: N
Shoot/reload: M

Player 2:
Move: ESDF
Jump: Left Shift
Shoot/reload: A

We will make updates to add characters and map.

Domiverse website



  • Fix bug due to pico-8 update


  • Initial release

Domiverse website

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Cart #13757 | 2015-09-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This is a game we made for the BBQ gamejam http://bbq.extra-coin.fr/

The idea is to a make a mini old zelda game speed run oriented. Have fun!

Arrow: Move
Use item: X
Swap item: Z

Made by Haunted Tie


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