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In my map, Space Invasion v0.3, I have so much entities that some of them won't show up on the timeline anymore, even if I enlarge it. Is it possible to enlarge the timeline even further?
If not, please fix this :)

Kind regards,

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I'm sure zep will try something.

@xxxZombie789789 thank you for trying to help WarrantOfficer, but I don't think that's going to help him very much

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there is a limit on how much you can stretch the timeline, in that case you can use the entity list, or you can add a few secconds to the collumn with too many monsters (usually just pressing "[" or "]" with a group selcted is enough for me).

this behavior is not accepted on the bbs, if it keeps on zep will probably do something about it (not me, I have no power in this) I suggest you to change it, I bet some people already hate you forever.

by the way jauq, love your sarcasm.

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There seems to be spam invading the BBS -_-;

I say listen to Kling, he is correct about the timeline. Grouping entities together tends to free up space in the timeline and makes large groups of entities easier to manage.

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