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Just gonna repeat what I said on mastodon:

I just had what MIGHT be a good idea. Emphasis on "MIGHT".

Currently PICO-8 does not honor the concept of insert/overwrite mode like DOS used to. Indeed, many programs don't.

How about using the [Ins] key to toggle puny mode?

This post was brought to you by People Like You and Me Who Hate Doing Ctrl-key Sequences™.

Also it'd be nice if you followed this common PC editor convention so I won't need to fake it with AutoHotKey:

shift-del = cut
shift-Ins = paste
ctrl-ins   = copy

So much easier to use on the fly. I learned this and never went back to ctrl-x/c/v.

P#123323 2022-12-30 20:18 ( Edited 2022-12-31 05:06)


If we're going to go this route I would also like to be able to use the arrow keys as well as DEL key in code edit to navigate using the number keypad with num-lock turned off.

A single keystroke to flip between normal and puny mode is also desirable as @Felice suggested. Gold star to support.

P#123346 2022-12-31 04:50 ( Edited 2022-12-31 04:51)


I use a "tenkeyless" keyboard without a numberpad, so I didn't realize that PICO-8 might not observe numlock state. Does it really not? If not, I agree, that should also be supported.

Likewise in Picotro, @zep.

P#123347 2022-12-31 05:05 ( Edited 2023-01-01 07:09)

Yep, @Felice. It does not work. Never did in the first Pico-8 I had at v01.12c either.

That was listed with my huge selection of requests, you remember. :)


And while I wrote that years ago I still think there are some gem ideas in there for today.

P#123377 2022-12-31 19:57

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