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Cart #acid-0 | 2022-11-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


acid is an experimental CELESTE Classic mod.

Among other features, a new gameplay mechanic: dashing makes you invincible, which allows you to traverse spikes without dying.

This is a hard mod.

I do not recommend playing it unless you have to, but a noflash version is available for photosensitive players.

P#120732 2022-11-14 23:45 ( Edited 2022-11-15 10:00)


no one is going to sit through this seizure

P#120735 2022-11-15 00:49

I hate to say it but... terrible game design. Might be a fun mod but I'll never know since you made it unplayable for me.

P#120744 2022-11-15 03:30

I like the level design.

P#120753 2022-11-15 10:04

yay!! another kikoo mo- oh no.

P#120754 2022-11-15 13:47

Definitely a trash-tier cart.. Requesting Dank Celeste: 420 Edition next

P#120756 2022-11-15 14:30

Great mod, honestly the flashing lights don't bother me, and the level design is nice. Just the right difficulty too.

P#120785 2022-11-16 03:18

my son click on it but doesn't understand English and is in hospital

P#120786 2022-11-16 03:49

@shavelsky4 Sorry to hear about your son.

How did he like the game?

P#120788 2022-11-16 04:57

I think the acid trip flashing lights could've possibly worked with simpler design and the harder design could've possibly worked without the acid trip flashing lights but the fact that they're in the same cart makes it preeety unplayable

P#120848 2022-11-17 15:50

@Snas286 there's a version without flash

P#120849 2022-11-17 16:05

decent run, gonna try to improve

P#120916 2022-11-18 16:19

Look At That! I Have Beaten This Celeste Mod "Acid"!

After 178 Deaths, I Beat It In 15:05

I Recommend You Play This Game "Celeste: WoodLand Wonders" Or "Celeste"


P#126220 2023-02-24 01:02

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