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Use the arrow keys for your movement.

Press the X key to fire phasers.

Press Z to fire quantum torpedoes full spread. You start with a single spread of torpedoes, as you gain more Dilithium Crystals dilithium, your quantum torpedo attack increases in power!
Sometimes the Borg will also drop shield recharge cells shields_recharge!


It has been six years since the Battle of Wolf 359 where the Borg destroyed 39 Federation starships at the cost of 11,000 lives.

The Borg have returned and they are determined to assimilate the Federation at all costs. They're currently en route directly to Sector 001. Earth!

You can take command of the USS Enterprise 1701-E as Captain Jean Luc Picard or the USS Defiant NX-74205 as Lt. Commander Worf!

The Enterprise has more powerful weapons but it is bigger/slower than the Defiant. If you think playing as the Defiant is too easy, try playing as the Enterprise!

You will use your lone ship to defend the Federation against this latest threat! If you fail, the entire Alpha Quadrant might end up assimilated as Borg drones!


Imagine it is 1996 and Paramount wants to make a movie tie in game for "Star Trek First Contact." Imagine that Paramount wanted to have this tie in game come out super fast... on the NES! (Or Pico 8 in this Case!)

This Shmup was created as part of the Basic Shmup Showcase. In June I started the Lazy Devs' Basic Shmup tutorial as a way to battle my mental health issues and to have something to do while I was on leave from my job. Finding this tutorial has totally transformed my life for the better.

Between the mental health challenges and the fact this is the first time I'm "really" programming in my life. (HTML in the 90s doesn't really count, does it?!) It has been an absolute struggle to work on it as much as I've wanted but I am happy that it came out as good as it has. It is somewhat disappointing that so many parts of Collective Mischief are very similar to the base tutorial.

Towards the end of making this game I ran out of tokens and spent most of my time trying to fix things while sitting at ~8100 tokens. Since I am such a beginner at Pico 8 and game dev in general I didn't know the best tricks to further reduce the amount of tokens being used so I just went with it. This game is not perfect but I think it demonstrates how much of my own flavor I put into it. (Hopefully.)

It bears noting that this is not a licensed Star Trek project and is considered a fan project only. No profits will be taken for the production of this game and will be completed for educational/portfolio purposes only.


Most of the programming and all of the art assets were created by me (Chaz).

If it wasn't for Krystian I would not have began my Pico 8 and game dev journey at all. Thank you to him most of all! This three month long adventure has been absolutely wild and I've learned so much. Consider me absolutely JAZZED for phase 2. I'm secretly hoping it is in Love2D!

Playtesting by Cat, orionwl, Aktane and Otto from the Lazy Devs Discord, and dw817 from the Lexaloffle BBS.

TNG Music/Starfield by FelixDR from Lazy Devs Discord.

Various music and SFX by Gruber.

Boss music by Sebastian Habler.

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Post-Release Comments

Update to v0.8.1:

  • Fixed an issue with the win screen showing a hiscore that was lower than the actual score obtained during run.
  • Added a very funny joke.
  • Beefed up the first boss level to be less of a push over.
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