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Cart #escape_pod-2 | 2022-08-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hi, this is a game in the style of the Gameboy game Resident Evil Gaiden.

It's a work in progress, let me know if/when you get stuck or confused.

P#116039 2022-08-20 00:23 ( Edited 2022-08-20 00:25)

It's looking great, very immersive and with a lot of detail.

P#116051 2022-08-20 07:18

Oh man is this good. It looks fabulous & has the perfect old school adventure game vibe. I ended up dying because I didn't make use of the sneak enough to keep the aliens at bay, but I'm going back in so I can see the rest!

P#116056 2022-08-20 13:35

I talked with the guys on the radio thing on the dock 3 and after that I find the short circuit but I can't figure out for now what to do. I think the problem is that I am the worse people on the world in playing games. If you can help me, I would like, 'cause your game looks very very cool. I really liked the amount of details and the fact you did every thing in this with pico 8. I will follow this game progress. Awaiting for updates ;)

P#116060 2022-08-20 14:55

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