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Oracle's Inn

Practise Malpractise

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Oracle's Inn

Welcome to my potion shoppe ! I'm glad to have you here . However, I can sense dark waters in your future. I know just the ingredients…


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Somehow it looks like every customer that enters your potion shoppe is cursed with a terrible fate ! Perhaps conveniently ( or unfortunately ) you know remember the ingredients for just the right potion ! ...or at least you think you remember

Over the course of a regular 9-5 you'll be shown the cruel fates your customers will suffer . Quickly brew up a potion to give them a new lease on life , and be home just in time for tea ! The only problem is , all the ingredients are unlabeled , so you might have to stumble into the correct concoctions.. or not ! if they end up dying you still got paid !

Behind The Scenes

Oracle's Inn was produced in 72hrs during MiniJam112:Crono by Yolwoocle and Louie Chapman. The limitation for this jam was "three buttons" and the combination of limitation / theme proved frustrating enough before we had really decided on an idea ! We're both really happy with how it turned out though . I think it's got some of the best music I've made in Pico8 within it , and the cover art by Yolwoocle is gorgeous !

Thanks for reading !

Louie Chapman - Twitter | Itch.io
Yolwoocle - Twitter | Itch.io


P#115471 2022-08-08 18:30 ( Edited 2022-08-08 18:32)

Such good artwork, and you are welcome to toot your own horn, because that music is great! I really liked the concept, altough it was a little hard for me and i kept waiting for the perfect ingredient. But i can see how reading the description would have made it easier.
Best of luck in the jam!

P#115482 2022-08-08 19:49

Thank you @taxicomics ! I'm new around here , so I really appreciate the positive words . The gameplay loop itself is certainly a bit rough around the edges , but I'm all for a discussion of feedback ! It was made in a weekend after all ! :') haha

Thanks for the kind words about the music too , I tried really hard haha .

I understand the waiting for the right ingredient thing , I really wanted to incorporate the vibe of "trying your best but eventually getting too stressed to care about consequences and just doing whatever". It's something that I've really tried to think about how to solve , but when faced with a short time limit- I didn't have the privileged of letting the idea come to me haha !

Thanks for playing mate ! <3

P#115490 2022-08-08 21:01

I get that! And it was what i decided to do in the end, but as the stakes were so high i felt like doing something wrong-but that might have just been wallflower-me ^^
Welcome to pico8 and it's community :)

P#115511 2022-08-09 17:37

The funny thing is that I started out trying my best, then found everything so unpredictable that I moved on to "forget it, let's just do as many potions as possible", but then noticed the outcomes becoming noticeably worse so I went back to trying to my best again.

It's strange, but if you're not concerned about throughput it seems like it's often possible to do an at least middling job!

P#115515 2022-08-09 18:51

It's funny you say that ! because the player trying their best and then quickly realising it doens't really matter and just murdering everyone was kind of the energy I wanted to get the player to adopt ! haha . We programmed far more mechanics for when the player is doing poorly than when they're doing well , something for us to work on though- I suppose !

A middling job was strangely exactly as well as we wanted the player to do , haha !

Thanks for playing @luchak <3

P#115517 2022-08-09 19:43

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