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Put all requests for games, mods (and genres) here:

format games as

format mods as:
▒cart name|creator|#id|

a genre is needed to add it to the program

ALL future [carts,mods,genres] added will be a result of comments
I want to put in what you want to play!

(mods for already added games work as well as new games)

game is here (again):

once added, please delete your comment to remove clutter and make it easier for me to know what I still need to add

P#104666 2022-01-09 18:40 ( Edited 2022-01-14 12:51)


Is this the correct notation you are looking for ?

:The Dead Should Die|dw817|#tdsd-9|
Genre: Survival-Horror Action-Puzzle

P#104720 2022-01-10 03:52 ( Edited 2022-01-11 20:31)

Oh wait. I see where you put it. You have to change Genre. You might add a default Genre of ALL that shows all the games you have in your database.


P#104747 2022-01-10 17:00 ( Edited 2022-01-10 19:42)

To avoid confusion, you might try changing the title of this thread to something like "Mega Game Launcher game requests".

P#104755 2022-01-10 18:37

▒Pico Zombie Garden|FlyingSmog|#fsgupicozombiegarden121|
Genre: tower defense

P#104827 2022-01-11 19:01

You should do U-Turn

P#104859 2022-01-12 00:46

i guess it also kinda counts as a strategy game
or even a puzzle game if you really stretch

P#104867 2022-01-12 04:13

genre: platformer
(this is a celeste mod)

P#104890 2022-01-12 15:16


P#104900 2022-01-12 17:16 ( Edited 2022-01-12 17:21)

My submissions:
Marballs 2

:Marballs 2|lucatron|#marballs_2-0|
Genre: Arcade

and Peral

:Peral|Phvli|#peral-1 |

P#104970 2022-01-13 03:45 ( Edited 2022-01-13 03:54)

It's arcade, I guess. I find it hard to select a genre for games. Could you define your genres?

P#105044 2022-01-13 22:51

whatever you think fits the best, you can define them however you want

P#105046 2022-01-13 23:10

He Get Up|Jo560hs|#hegetup
Genre: Endless
Fun fact: I actually created the first ever speedrun category for this and i am responsible for the creation of the blue platforms

P#105095 2022-01-14 20:34 ( Edited 2022-01-14 22:52)

I am putting it in arcade

P#105203 2022-01-16 20:30

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