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Cart #celesteclimb-2 | 2022-01-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Celeste, but there's speed tech from the steam release, and there's climbing from the steam release.
Thanks a lot to RubyRed for adding the speed tech, I added the climbing.
To climb: Just act as if you were sliding into a wall, and you'll stick. Hold up to climb and down to slide. But be careful because you have limited stamina, and you won't be able to climb when it runs out.

P#99688 2021-11-06 15:20 ( Edited 2022-01-06 02:25)

very cool

P#99809 2021-11-08 19:10

You wouldn't normally hear this from me, @ooooggll. Yet I like this mod. Climbing walls has definitely made the game much more playable for me.

Well done. Gold star effort.

P#99813 2021-11-08 19:21

Really nice climbing implementation! My only suggestion would be to change climbing from requiring you to hold an arrow towards the wall to using a separate button, perhaps s, d, f, or shift.

P#99829 2021-11-08 21:06

But when you "smash" the ground,you'll get a boost too.

P#99932 2021-11-11 11:21

@dw817 Thanks!

P#99934 2021-11-11 12:30

you can skip levels by presing up+down

P#105576 2022-01-24 20:04

in the "newer" version of celeste you can fall faster by holding down

P#105607 2022-01-25 08:04

After 40 minutes of work I finally made it to -25836m!

P#106597 2022-02-09 14:27


P#106604 2022-02-09 16:09

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