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Puzzle answers can be read here (spoilers!).


When the moon is full, a faint light burns in the highest window — and in the town below, people disappear. Face devilishly difficult puzzles as you climb the many floors of WOLF TOWER to defeat the terrible foe at its top!

How to Play

  • Bump into things! Use the arrow keys to interact!
  • Be careful! Don't touch chests or chalices until you're sure you know it's the right one!
  • Be social! Talk to demons to gain clues to solve puzzles.
  • The puzzles are hard! Use a pencil and paper to help you work through the clues! Puzzle answers can be read here (spoilers!).


WOLF TOWER is a tiny adventure game created for the 2021 Game By Its Cover Jam. The game is inspired by Rutherford Craze's beautiful submission to Famicase 2021WOLF TOWER.


First off, I'd like to thank Rutherford Craze, whose submission to Famicase 2021 was the inspiration for this game, for his kind permission to use the concept.

Second, the puzzles in this game are inspired by the work of Raymond Smullyan. Most of these puzzles are adaptations of puzzles found in his book What is the Name of this Book, with some changes. Thank you and RIP; you were a logician's logician.

The dialogue text box library (dtb) was designed by @Oli414 under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and it frankly rules. thank you, @Oli414!

Thanks to Krystian Majewski ( @Krystman) of LazyDevs for some of the functions used in this game, from his PICO-8 Hero tutorial. In particular, I thank @Krystman for code in getframe(), _drawspr(), dofloats(), addfloat(), moveplayer(), the button loop in updategame(), the juicy sine wave button animation for dialogue windows (which i added to the dtb), and the fade functions.

The JSON parser functions were designed by tylerneylon, adapted by feneric, which tylerneylon has released into the public domain. feneric's adaptation of it is released under the GPL v3 license.

The rest of the game was designed by me and is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Dev Notes

This game is mostly an experiment in trying to build a really simple adventure game engine. The NPCs and chests are drawn straight on the map, and not built programmatically. Bumping into a sprite on the map calls a function called bump(), which then looks in a table (created via JSON) to see what effects are associated with that sprite, at that location, on that floor. Sometimes bump() deletes the sprite from the map, or creates a new sprite in another location, plays a sound effect, cues dialog, etc. All of it is in the table, keeping the bump function as light as possible. Trying to make the game data driven I think ended up being largely successful, although the last couple floors weren't able to be fully captured in the bump system, unfortunately. One measure of its success is that I was able to get it down to 1913/8192 tokens without any effort at optimization.


Version 1.1
Made a few quick changes to the game thanks to some really helpful user feedback. 

1. Some of the puzzles' wording has been clarified
2. The skeleton's role has been clarified, as a guide that can be trusted
3. Chests and cups are more clearly labeled
4. The first puzzle is cut, as it was too confusing
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cute game!

P#96761 2021-09-01 06:45

Thank you, Harmony :)

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