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Cart #zombieapicolypse-0 | 2021-08-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Zombies have overthrown the city!

Grab as much ammo as you can find as you fight your way out of the zombie apocalypse.


  • directional pad to move your character around
  • z button to shoot

This game was made for the #LOWREZJAM 2021

P#96062 2021-08-15 19:12


This is really cool!
Quite challenging as well. Everything seems well thought out. Kind of odd how you can't shoot down; does add to the gameplay a bit but makes some situations (move through vertical doors) very risky.
Great LRJ entry!

P#96143 2021-08-17 17:04

Quite a fun game although a bit of variety in the strength of the zombies would be nice. There never seemed to be enough ammo and finding hearts was very rare.

Is there a way of winning? I got to a point where I found it easiest just to sprint past the zombies until I really needed to shoot them. There was a "park" area which I got to but I wasn't sure if I was going the right way. Eventually loss of ammo meant that all I could do was run and try not to get hit.

P#97161 2021-09-10 16:12

@Lafolie Thanks a lot for the feedback! Not being able to shoot up and down is a general complaint, I'll try to address it in the near future.

@JackJack31363 LOLZ

@phil Scarce ammo and hearts was intentional to get that survival feel. I do agree on zombie variety but I ran out of jam time.

There is an exit... I won't spoil it :)

I do plan on revisiting this game with improvement in the near future.... stay tuned! ...and thanks a lot for the feedback!

P#97170 2021-09-10 19:21 ( Edited 2021-09-10 19:22)

@picoter8 Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed playing the game - and I'm still playing it - I will find that exit!

I will keep an eye out for changes to this game (I have also seen the TODO notes in the code - it would be amazing if you even did half of those features)

P#97175 2021-09-10 20:34

i love it but its way too easy to lose hearts walking into a room and getting hit because the detector doesnt work properly ...
and hearts are very scarce !

P#100849 2021-11-26 19:56

This is SUCH a good game!
i only wish there were more guns, the zombies a LITTLE weaker and possibly more health
awesome overall!

P#101184 2021-12-01 15:21

Good game, @picoter8. I was very careful with my ammo (takes 6-hits to kill a zombie) and still ran out of ammo with no more in sight.

I agree with, @SandwichBlam. More health + Ammo or decrease the # of hits to kill one of 'em.

P#101212 2021-12-01 22:12 ( Edited 2021-12-01 22:13)

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