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Cart [#27307#] | Copy | Code | 2016-08-24 | Link

Here's a little space shooter I made for my August #1GAM.

Music is my own chiptune cover of one of my favorite songs, "Scars on Land" by Kings of Convenience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNZZa9IYkPo

There are 6 waves of enemies. Try to beat the current hi score of 3110. Good luck and don't die!

P#27308 2016-08-24 17:34 ( Edited 2018-01-09 16:15)


Wow, people are sure pissed my ship didn't pass emissions tests by constantly belching smoke, so they're all trying to kill me :) Figures, as the enemy version of myself that launches missiles that also belches smoke are known as "jackals" :P

Nice power-ups and all. It gets addicting!

P#27309 2016-08-24 18:12


LOL, no joke, I actually started this game with the idea "what if your ship was breaking down and you had to escape an alien fleet?" Hence all the smoke, haha. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)

P#27310 2016-08-24 18:21


Pretty good shooter! Simple but with excellent controls, playability and clean graphics. Awesome job!

Got 2485 on my third try. :)

P#27311 2016-08-24 18:54


I second all the above...solid shooter. Dig all the smoke, even that coming from the enemy ships, adds a good challenge when you can't see anything!

Also a great reminder that shmups don't have to be bullet hell to be fun!

P#27316 2016-08-24 21:13


Lot of fun!

P#27332 2016-08-25 08:59


Fun! Got 3140 on my second play. The sky gets really full in the later waves! Thanks for making this!

P#27353 2016-08-25 14:41


Thanks everyone! Glad you're enjoying it. @Datan0de challenge accepted >:D

P#27355 2016-08-25 14:58


So awesome!

P#28014 2016-09-04 12:17


very good. Like many, I enjoy the smoke too.
The music is a great addition, it suits well to the game.

P#28150 2016-09-07 11:18


Good solid top-view space shooter. Love the powerups !

P#28152 2016-09-07 11:37


great work!

P#48000 2018-01-09 16:15

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