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Cart #alpine11-0 | 2021-12-04 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

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Made a little chill climbing platformer. Let me know what you think!
x- Jump
o- use stamina coin
When your stamina bar runs out, you can't jump or cling to walls. You can replenish stamina by landing on the ground, or spending a green coin. Gold coins will increase your max stamina.

Patch notes:
-Onscreen timer during gameplay
-Win messages for not using green coins
-Minor changes to climbing intended to address no clip bugs and weird interactions when dismounting the bottom of a wall

P#85376 2020-12-14 04:25 ( Edited 2021-12-09 21:31)


This one has a neat Getting Over It vibe! :)

P#85380 2020-12-14 11:28

I'm liking the music and art.

I think I may have a problem though.

P#85386 2020-12-14 20:42

yeah I encountered a similar clipping glitch when falling from one level to another so probably need a bit of work on the collision/level loading

anyways this was super fun, so good job!

P#85401 2020-12-14 23:35

The game's great!
The art is good, and the stamina is an interesting and fun mechanic, that I would love to see on more games!
In Zelda, sometimes you struggle but never feel frustrated and you managed just that in this game

P#85432 2020-12-15 16:59

@ExtrovertPlatypus Thanks! That's definitely what I was going for, something that is fun to interact with and even slightly challenging, but never frustrating.

P#85438 2020-12-15 18:34

Heh. I beat the game without ANY coins (green or gold).

P#85487 2020-12-16 19:24

I loved this. Thanks for sharing!

P#94292 2021-07-01 12:43

Enjoying but has an error, @TylerRDavis. If you are sliding down the ice and you release and press and hold the arrow key in the direction you are facing, you will start floating in the opposite direction without falling or using up strength.

P#96803 2021-09-02 20:05 ( Edited 2021-11-19 06:12)

3287! I sort of just clipped into the sky and became invisible. Really fun and cute! Thanks so much!

P#97879 2021-09-27 14:26

3545!, B)

P#97903 2021-09-28 01:25

6:51 - 2713
Fun little game :D

P#99517 2021-11-02 17:14

got a noclipping glitch.. trying to get the coin in ice...

P#99812 2021-11-08 19:16

very fun game! love that golden coins could be optional, really makes it rewarding to get it.

P#99853 2021-11-09 05:31

Did it.
Also, I think I might have discovered some tech for speedrunning. So like, if you input a jump right as you touch a wall, You'll get a walljump without any stamina being used. With this tech, I think a 0 coin run would be possible. Again, it is kinda inconsistent when I attempt the tech, but someone could probably get it down to a science. Also, great game!

P#99896 2021-11-10 04:32 ( Edited 2021-11-10 04:33)

i used the no-stamina walljumping tech a lot
this game is amazing and it reminds me of celeste a lot

P#99981 2021-11-12 16:33 ( Edited 2021-11-12 16:45)

Wait shoot, just realized I missed a coin lol, aight, time to redo my run lol

P#99995 2021-11-12 18:44

GG, but this run was extremely scuffed lol

P#99998 2021-11-12 18:55 ( Edited 2021-11-12 18:56)

Lowered my time, sub 4 might be possible

P#100019 2021-11-13 01:33

Thank you all so much for playing my game! I love seeing all of the progress being made on this speedrun. I would love to see someone record one of these! I’ve never been able to get quicker than 8 minutes or so.

P#100397 2021-11-19 04:35

Yeah, thank you for making this game! I would love to see it expanded in like a standalone PC game like Celeste was

P#100445 2021-11-19 21:18

Also, here. Recording method is a bit scuffed because OBS was being OBS

P#100447 2021-11-19 21:44

like other have commented earlier, there is a clipping error, it happened when i was sliding down an ice block and i started floating and went into the wall

P#100593 2021-11-21 23:55

hmmm, I noclipped into a wall again. was able to climb a bit though somehow. then I had to reset.

P#100633 2021-11-22 19:29 ( Edited 2023-12-21 15:55)

Definitely trying to fix the no clipping glitch, just wan't to make sure I don't inadvertantly get rid of the no-stamina wall jump glitch in the process. This is complicated by the fact that I haven't been able to produce the glitch myself. But fear not, I'm definitely planning on releasing a new version.

P#100635 2021-11-22 19:34

awesome game! I was determined to finish it after my first huge fall.

P#100737 2021-11-24 02:00

@TylerRDavis "I would love to see someone record one of these!" Just did a couple runs (2:52 any% & 3:51 all coins):

Plenty of room for improvement on both, especially if someone can find a way to better use the staminaless jumps.

P#100780 2021-11-25 02:15

@Neko_Necromancer If you press jump right as you hit the wall or right when you land on the ground, you can get a jump without using any stamina—it's not limited to wall jumps.

Here is an example from about 13 seconds into the first run I linked above.

P#100887 2021-11-27 08:18 ( Edited 2021-11-27 08:18)

Meant to post sooner, but I got a sub 4 minute 100% after someone sent me PixelMarshal's finish. Used the no-clip glitch to get the ice tube coin and got a few no-stamina jumps in. Working on any% now.

P#100913 2021-11-27 19:58

I just played this game. My first on Pico8 ever. I love it. Even if it took me 22:55 ;)

P#101077 2021-11-30 12:49

lol i think i started something

P#101129 2021-11-30 20:34

I did it. I did a coinless run. Also would like it if there was a secret flag for not using green coins as well, as an easier way to say "Hey, I completed the game without any coins" lol

P#101130 2021-11-30 20:44

@PixelMarshal 'Also would like it if there was a secret flag for not using green coins as well, as an easier way to say "Hey, I completed the game without any coins" lol'

That's what videos of your runs are for.

P#101150 2021-12-01 01:39

Would prefer it because I don't have to open anything other than the snipping tool to take a screenshot when i finish the run then.

P#101152 2021-12-01 01:50 ( Edited 2021-12-01 01:50)

@Neko_Necromancer You could definitely do way better than I did for the recorded run, cause honestly it was really sloppy for the first half of the run on my behalf

P#101153 2021-12-01 01:51

I want to make sure that the changes I make are geared towards making these runs more fun to share, let me know if this sounds right:
There should be a win message for not using green coins (whether or not you have collected any, all or no green coins).
This should be in addition to, not instead of, messages about collecting all coins or collecting no gold coins.
Does that sound good?

These changes should be fairly easy to make, so hopefully I can find time to add them. As far as fixing the no clipping glitch, that could take longer.
Also, how would people feel about having a timer on screen during the whole game?

P#101154 2021-12-01 02:12

@TylerRDavis That all sounds good, and I'd be strongly in favor of an on-screen timer.

P#101155 2021-12-01 02:14

Alright, the cartridge has now been updated. This version includes a timer, a win message for not using green coins, and I've also made a few changes to climbing meant to address some bugs related to clipping and falling off the bottom of walls.

Let me know if the tweaks to mechanics interfere with any speedrunning strats or anything. I have set up a GitHub repo for the game (https://github.com/TyTyDavis/AlpineAscent), so older versions will always be available, and I'm always willing to undo changes if people don't like them.

P#101161 2021-12-01 03:31

Last run on 1.0 - 2:33 Any%

Can't get files to upload right now

P#101168 2021-12-01 04:12 ( Edited 2021-12-01 04:13)

@TylerRDavis Thanks! It's really cool that you're actively updating this a year later. I've found a couple of glitches in the new version, though both of them may have already been in the old version. First, if you collect green coins without using them, it apparently counts them as collecting gold coins.

I don't know if the gold coin tracker works properly if you're collecting & using green coins—I did verify that both messages show up if you don't collect any coins at all. Also, there's a glitch in the first screen transition that warps the player up to the first ledge on the right when they run out of stamina and fall back into the first screen. Demo vid. It's not a big deal, and I haven't seen this in any of the other screen transitions.

P#101170 2021-12-01 04:31

Welcome to page 2!
Also, I am glad that you took my suggestion and implemented it into the game.

P#101174 2021-12-01 10:44

...And a new record for coinless

P#101176 2021-12-01 10:50

@Neko_Necromancer All I can say is that staminaless walljumps are your friend lol

P#101276 2021-12-03 01:01

I beat it! and got all the coins

P#101341 2021-12-03 17:41

Best so far w/o coins. Got hung up on lava a couple times. Also thought I'd avoided all the green coins, but I guess not.

P#101385 2021-12-03 23:41

My best coinless yet. But huh, the coinless message must have been removed.

P#101430 2021-12-04 09:37

No green coins, but the end text doesn't seem to be showing up.

P#101462 2021-12-04 21:02

Coinless. I think a sub 3 is possible. Also just noticed the timer isn't showing anymore either.

P#101466 2021-12-04 21:23

Huh. For some reason, the code seemed to revert back to an old version, but the cart name didnt change back? Very strange.
I'mn reupdated it. This time, the main menu screen says 1.1. So, if you don't see that, it's the wrong version. Let me know if the problem persists

P#101467 2021-12-04 21:35
P#101472 2021-12-04 22:07

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