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Hola! I thought it would be cool try making a Christmas-themed game, so here it is. Ola! Tannenbaum is a quick arcade game where you're going to need good timing, lightning reflexes, and absolutely no sense of colour-coordination to create the most chaotically decorated Christmas tree ever. Start by placing baubles, tinsel and fairy lights and top everything off with a star on top. Will you be a bauble boffin or a yuletide liability?

Ola! Tannenbaum is an accurate simulation of what it is like to decorate a tree after too many glasses of sherry and with your eyes closed.

I tried to make an in-game tutorial that explains everything reasonably well but here's what you need to do in more detail if you're planning on min-maxing this.

  • The closer you are to a target the more points you will get. Miss the target and you drop the decoration.
  • Baubles only need one target. Accurately place two in a row and you'll gain a bonus bauble that's worth double points.
  • Tinsel needs to be draped across two targets, one at a time. The longer and closer to horizontal it is, the more points you'll get.
  • Fairy lights are similar to tinsel but don't need to be placed horizontally.
  • Once all your decorations are gone or you have filled up the tree, you can place the star on top.

Top tips for a truly terrific tree:

  • If two targets are next to each other, place a bauble so one target will move somewhere else (hopefully further away so you can place a long piece of tinsel)
  • The longer you take to aim a decoration, the faster it will move, making it much harder to place accurately.
  • The star is worth the most points, don't drop it!

  • A well-placed decoration is worth double points, a well-placed bonus bauble is worth quadruple points.

Patch Notes

1.03 - Fixed a couple of bugs during the tutorial and made the start of the game much easier.
1.02 - Fixed a different crash when placing tinsel/fairy lights on the last three targets. You no longer get bonus points when you miss the second stage of tinsel/fairy lights. Also removed some debug crap I'd left visible.
1.01 - Fixed a crash when placing tinsel/fairy lights on the last three targets (Thanks @2bitchuck for spotting this!)
1.0 - Initial release


I started this a couple of weeks ago but really set my mind to it on 26th November. I tried to treat it like a game jam and work towards the deadline of getting the game finished for the 1st December. I went sailing past this deadline as it's now 4th December, but still I'm counting my self-imposed deadline as a success as usually my Christmas-themed creations are getting thrown together on the 24th.

There was a lot of surprisingly tricky parts in coding this, which I wasn't expecting seeing as I envisioned the game being fairly simple (it's 5,728 tokens which is pretty small for one of my 'finished' games.) I quickly realised I didn't have the maths ability to create nice-looking curved/draped pieces of tinsel or fairy lights. This was pretty disappointing but I'm glad I didn't waste a day trying to get this in.

I was initially thinking of making a sleigh-based present bombing kind of side-scrolling shooter game. However, I saw a couple of similar projects on Twitter so thought I needed something more original. I was delighted to discover a few days into development that someone else was also making a Christmas tree-based game on Pico-8. So much for being original! Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, are there really that many different ways to make a Christmas game?

The two most fun things were composing the music and coming up with absolutely awful Christmas-based puns.

I'll probably add to this or write it up into a full blog update later.


You can enter a famous cheat code before the title screen

P#85029 2020-12-04 01:26 ( Edited 2020-12-15 23:24)

This is super fun and the music is spectacular. Great job!

I did run into an error while playing, I hope you don't mind me posting the screenshot, I figured it might help you squash it quicker. This happened when I hit X the second time trying to place the gold tinsel in the upper circle in this screenshot.

P#85033 2020-12-04 02:07
:: extar

@2bitchuck thanks for posting this, that's a new one :)
There has been some really stubborn bugs on this one, looks like something slipped through, hopefully I can get it sorted out quickly. :)

P#85058 2020-12-04 17:43

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