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Cart #fabidatado-1 | 2020-11-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Take control of a single pixel and venture into a strange , abstract world to rescue all the pixels. Brave Pixel is an action-puzzle game where you must collect all the pixels in each zone to advance across the world. Battle the greedy red worms and unlock new powers.


X (hold) - Creep (i.e. move one pixel at a time)
Z - Special Power


I started making this in July and I brought lots of ideas for it into my game Clever Pixel, which was my submission to LOWREZJAM2020. I've always loved the idea of a game where you start off with just a single pixel however, whilst Clever Pixel was a sort of dungeon-crawler/Metroidvania, Brave Pixel is much more... erm... arcadey? I had a hard time picking a genre for this game as you can probably guess.

Seriously, any suggestions for what would be a more helpful genre tag would be greatly appreciated.

It's quite a fast-paced game, most levels can easily be cleared in a couple of minutes; the level select screen ended up working like a very simple overworld with multiple routes and a couple of unlockables--which is not something I've attempted before. Turns out I find coding menus really difficult.

The game started off as an exercise in making some good collision code and just practising that skill a bit more but pretty soon I realised I wasn't making any use of the sprite sheet so I thought, 'hey, I'll make this a 'no-sprite-sheet' game'--this in particular forced me to get more creative to try and make the graphics as appealing as possible.

When I added some music I thought I'd try and come up with something that didn't rely so heavily on percussion--so 'no drums' became another restriction I placed on myself. As things went on, more of these kinds of restrictions were imposed, and this was even before I even hit the token limit, which I spent about a week scraping up against.

Anyway, well done for making it this far, I hope you enjoy my game! :)

As usual, you can use a famous cheat code to unlock all levels.

Patch Notes

1.1 - Fixed a couple of couple of display errors on the level select screen as well as an issue with calculating complete times for some levels.

P#84494 2020-11-19 23:29 ( Edited 2020-11-24 19:38)


This is a blast, love the music too! It's kinda like Pac-Man meets Katamari Damacy, a fun combination. Nicely done!

P#84526 2020-11-20 11:02

@2bitchuck glad you enjoyed it! I totally forgot about Katamari Damacy, yeah that's pretty close to what it's about. :)

P#84535 2020-11-20 16:57

Really fun! Spent 52:03 minutes to clear all levels :)

P#84653 2020-11-24 12:59

@Zverik awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Which of the special powers did you find the most useful?

P#84657 2020-11-24 18:14

@extar automatic collection of pixels feels like cheating sometimes, saves a lot of time. Other powers I forgot about, since it's hard to keep three things in mind simultaneously.

P#84658 2020-11-24 18:42

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