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with devkit, storing data in multicarts, and all that, would it make sense for the PICO-8 editor to be rebuilt in PICO-8 itself, as an open source program? if this was done then people could make their own tweaks after copying it, adding whatever useful tweaks they want to the built in thing? its like the ultimate in customisablity, and we'd see all of these cool variants of the tools. plus it would make PICO-8 feel more self contained as people wouldn't resort to external editors. (Want an editor feature? make it yourself! wouldn't that be cool?)
could totally work here.
i personally see the editor as a built in thing as opposed to some external development thing.

so, thoughts?

P#81982 2020-09-19 06:40 ( Edited 2020-09-19 17:02)


that sounds cool, @kirbofan !

P#81989 2020-09-19 18:21

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