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Cart #escalatorworld-0 | 2020-08-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Welcome to Escalator World! You can only go up from here!


  • up/down/X to menu. (the rest is explained in the tutorial)

A tribute to one of my favorite games from the old yoyogames forums.

P#81385 2020-08-31 01:03

hmm, is the audio super choppy for anyone else? it works fine on my local pico8.exe but sounds choppy in my browser...

(If it does, you can of course run this command to play my cart in your local copy: load #escalatorworld

or, the itch version seems fine... idk why it would be different but it works better for me? https://pancelor.itch.io/escalator-world)

P#81386 2020-08-31 01:38 ( Edited 2020-08-31 01:49)

What a great concept! The story mode was super engaging, and the controls were a perfect balance between complicated and simple. With such an expanse of things to do, it'll be tricky to 100%, but I'll try!

P#81387 2020-08-31 01:51

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