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Cart #sekibufega-1 | 2020-08-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Here is the game 'Dragon's Playground' made for Tom Hall's #RNDGAME2020. I had so much fun coding this, it was good to work under the requirements of a game jam, it really tested my programming ability--working to a deadline. Anyway, great fun, Dragon's Playground is a top-down, free-roaming shoot'em-up where you control Azron, scourge of the realms. You must incinerate the realm, defeat wizards, elves and knights to assert true dominance over the kingdom.
There are still a few lingering bugs that I would like to fix, but I am happy to share this game as part of a game jam, my first. Great fun!

X - Breathe fire
Z - Charge breath

v1.0 - Jam version
v1.1 - Added a fillp effect to make smoke less overwhelming, fixed a bug that ended game prematurely after first game was over.

P#77201 2020-05-26 00:51 ( Edited 2020-08-31 14:47)

I was wondering why your game doesn't have any comments here. I played it yesterday on itch.io and had so much fun with it! Really well-rounded game in my opinion and I loved the intro-outro texts! 😊

P#77655 2020-06-04 11:18

Oh and the music is so good!

P#77656 2020-06-04 11:19

@PixelMofo glad you enjoyed it! I was really pleased with how the music turned out. I had a lot of fun writing the intro/outro text too. Cheers. :)

P#77700 2020-06-05 15:21

Really nice. The opening screen is badass and loving that music. Getting me pumped to be a dragon.

Grand Theft Drago 2 good game

P#77818 2020-06-08 19:42

Oh my gosh, I loved flying around and playing. It reminded me a bit of Rampage. :)

P#81945 2020-09-18 03:38

this is very nice!

P#99455 2021-11-01 04:31

A wonderful game; a certified bonfire of fun :)

P#123998 2023-01-09 02:49

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