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Mini Ex Machina (Mem) is based on the PC game Ex Machina aka Hard Truck Apocalypse, released in 2005, set in a strange world where people wear masks and drive trucks. This world is dangerous, but full of unexplored lands and adventures. This time the hero finds himself in a remote valley formed near the Ural mountains after the cataclysm. The lay of the land in this anomalous area changes every time one enters it, but the goal stays the same - to find the way home.

How to play

Your truck can crush enemies, and shoot at them (after you find and eqip a weapon). You can carry a little cargo in the trunk and install various upgrades on your truck. When in town, sell and buy goods, take tasks from mayors and advance the story.

Please note that some objects on the map can be destroyed, fences or bandits' lairs, for example.


Use the arrow keys to move the truck.

Use the z/(o) button to

  • interact with some objects - collect loot, read the road sign etc.
  • open inventory and quest log
  • enter the town - when you are in the town square

When you use the weapon, press x/(x) to activate the shooting mode

  • in this mode, you need to select the target with the cursor and press z/(o) to fire, press x/(x) again to exit the shooting mode.

Key - enter/(pause) - brings up the system menu, where you can restart the game or turn off the music.

What's next?

This game was created by the participants of Targem Games internal course of programming for non-programmers. Thank to Krystian Majewski for his video tutorials.

Things to improve:

  • add more different quests
  • add more text messages explaining the plot
  • update sprites of the world and enemies (as what you see is mostly programmers art)
  • redo the world generation to remove the unreachable areas
  • and much more.

The limitations of pico-8 are quite strict, but this challenge makes is more interesting.
Leave comments to inspire us to improve the game and maybe to make a sequel!

P#75791 2020-05-04 09:56 ( Edited 2020-05-08 07:56)

Super fun game! Only intended to play for a few minutes and here I am 1hr+ later :)

P#75821 2020-05-05 04:53 ( Edited 2020-05-05 04:54)

Very good! Nice unusual color palette - the tileset works very well.

note: I found myself stuck in a very tiny area surrounded by hills - I was not able to complete any mayor’s quest.

P#75826 2020-05-05 05:59

@mhughson - thank you very much, it is really nice review!
@freds72 - thank you, due to random generation of the map it sometimes happens, we did not have many free tokens for additional verification, this is a rare case, but we will try to fix it

P#76111 2020-05-08 07:30

I like it a lot
At first I didnt quite understand it

P#76113 2020-05-08 07:37

@ExtrovertPlatypus thank you, yep, from one picture it’s hard to understand how much we’ve done there)

P#76114 2020-05-08 07:54


Some people describe Hard Truck Apocalypse as "Fallout 3 with trucks".

If that's true, then surely this is "Wastelands With Trucks".

P#76204 2020-05-08 21:50

@scorp I hit what I think is an outpost/campfire. Usually, you find gold but sprung a trap this time. Luckily the enemy truck spawned outside the world border but I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen...

Overall the game is great and takes a really interesting but awesome-to-play twist on a roguelike. Amazing job!

P#115618 2022-08-11 19:07 ( Edited 2022-08-11 19:07)

I'm happy this got a bump because I missed this when it released but it's a ton of fun. Got in deep into it after a second try. Music is perfect for the gameplay too, bravo!

P#115623 2022-08-11 21:26

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