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So.. let's say that someone tells how to have infinite health in the comments of a game called "banana run". Should there be a "Report as Revealed Easter Egg"? This would help conceal the secrets of the game. Do you think there should be this? Or should it only be available to the dev?
NOTE: I have not heard anything about this being added. I just thought it would be handy.

P#75594 2020-04-29 14:53

Hm that’s an idea! The BBS is funny in that a cart thread is a mix of game manual, fan forum, game tips magazine and direct messaging with the developer. I have seen people use the spoiler markup to hide secrets or end screen from players who want to discover by themselves, which is nice. Does that do what you have in mind?

P#75613 2020-04-29 21:50

Hmm, maybe something different, not a report as easter egg, rather a checkmark if it's an easter egg when you're commenting.

I also think the creator should be able to mark comments as easter eggs just in case somebody forgot

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P#92667 2021-05-27 14:35

Maybe the easter egg flag can be set by the thread starter and only adds a spoiler tag to that entire post? I am not sure giving this feature to someone other than the thread starter would result in no abuse/accidental use. It doesn't mean easter eggs won't be displayed since it relies on the schedule of the thread starter to curate the posts for such a message...interesting thought though. I remember when an easter egg I put into a game was revealed within 20 minutes of uploading the game because the implementation of it didn't work with some graphics cards, causing it to show no matter what (was a not a pico8 game, btw). I was pretty disappointed about that because it was intended to be revealed after starting the game multiple times. :(

P#93842 2021-06-22 04:06

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