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HELLO and welcome back to another exciting week of Applecart.

When we first started, we wanted you programmers out there to give us your own rendition of Apple ]['s own Saucer Attack, an old 6502-assembly Apple ][ game that was originally read in the computer by audiocassette. I could not find a video so I could only describe how it looked - and of course write my own version of what I saw.

There were two entries total, found HERE and HERE.

The week after that we had a new competition, to make a game called Saucer Invasion, slightly different from the above. In this case we had a bonus, a video to look at so we could indeed see the original game, its instructions, presentation, and operation.

Youtube video of Saucer Invasion.

So there were two entries on this one, and you can find those HERE and HERE.

LAST WEEK your challenge was to make the game BOMBER. We also had a video to look at so we could see the original game and the mechanics involved.

Youtube video of Bomber.

There were two entries also on this one, and you can find those HERE and HERE.

The cart request for this past week was a nice tribute to Star Wars, complete with sound bites if possible. We had =3= entries this time, good job guys !

Youtube video of Star Wars.


STAR WARS written by nosnibor28 (01-19-20)

STAR WARS written by dw817 (01-19-20)

STAR WARS AppleCart II by yesyoor (01-16-20)

This week's challenge is most definitely an interesting one. A 3-dimensional docking game. But before you turn in your chips realize it's very pseudo-3D, that is it shows two horizontal strips representing a top view of where you are and a side-view. You must control your ship not just Up, Down, Left, And Right, but To and Fro as well to navigate around the treacherous asteroids.

There will always be one rogue asteroid that is hurtling in the opposite direction. Your mission is to circumnavigate the asteroids including the rogue one and dock safely at the space station on the right-hand side of the screen. Your score will be based on how quickly you can do this.

As for programming you only need to move two different objects, the player and the single rogue asteroid. Other than that flag a collision if BOTH screens have the player touching an asteroid. You could even use PGET() if you like.

Here is the video:

As always you have one week to post your best rendering of this cart. May I recommend you use one button like (O) to do normal movements of UDLR and (X) for To and Fro as well as left and right. While there does not appear to be sound you are certainly more than welcome to add some as well as your own creative and graphic ideas.

Good luck out there !

P#72108 2020-01-19 23:46 ( Edited 2020-01-20 04:34)

Awesome! Thanks a lot for this series and all the effort!
Commenting your versions tomorrow in detail :)

P#72119 2020-01-20 02:25
:: dw817

Glad you're enjoying it, @Yesyoor. Definitely looking forward to seeing your comments.

I'll post my own rendering of the 3D Dock game too. I'm thinking the easiest way to do this as everything is so close together, not to use a hitbox but actually check for pixel collisions. Best way to do it.

P#72130 2020-01-20 18:35

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