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Cart #tomytron-0 | 2019-05-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Tomy Tron 0.1
De-make/Conversion of Tomy's Tron game.
This version still needs a little work, but its playable.
3 levels:
Light cycles level, make enemy crash into trail.
Discus level, get your discus past Sark.
Tower level, destroy the core.
Hope you have fun with it, i'll be updating it to 1.0 next week. Cheers.

P#64734 2019-05-25 08:49


This turned out great! really captured the feel of the original.

P#64801 2019-05-28 10:30

I love the sound design and the 4 color graphics!

Don't know how the original played, but the the cycle part is just as dumb as turning just before hitting the wall!

P#64821 2019-05-28 19:51

I have this game! This is nice tribute. I found the MCP level confusing though, even though I'm familiar with the original.

Any plans to incorporate the 2 speeds that the light cycles can run at?

P#100792 2021-11-25 06:53

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