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Cart [#21476#] | Copy | Code | 2016-05-27 | Link

A tiny game inspired by something I enjoyed on my old PowerMac, somewhen in the 1990s. It is my first »project« with PICO-8, so we’re still getting to know each other. Also, zep’s hello.p8 demo helped me a lot in making the intro screen. :)

Following keiya’s suggestion I added random level generation (which saves a lot of map space). :D

p8jam2 game puzzle
P#21083 2016-05-22 10:51 ( Edited 2016-06-21 12:06)


There's a trick to creating solvable Lights Out-style puzzles. What you do is start with a solved grid - totally blank - and simulate pushing random squares. You'll know it's solvable because pushing a square twice is the same as not pushing it at all, and order doesn't matter.

P#21086 2016-05-22 14:36


Thanks for your suggestion, that’s great! I'm definitely going to implement that. :)

P#21087 2016-05-22 14:46





I hate you and your game.


P#21342 2016-05-25 12:29 ( Edited 2016-05-25 12:31)


this was awesome! i think it'd be cooler if the win screen lasted longer - it felt super short right now.

P#21497 2016-05-27 17:06


I totally agree with @noel, the win screen is like "Oh cool you won, noob."

I felt awesome with my 56 moves win

P#21540 2016-05-28 06:10


At a fear of hitting int max moves and crashing the game, I'm going to avoid winning. Nice port, feels good!

P#21885 2016-05-31 01:46


Well made game! I included it in my Pico-8 Jam #2 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

P#23386 2016-06-21 12:06

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