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Cart [#nugemuretu-5#] | Code | 2019-02-15 | No License | Embed

A lot of stuff, but mostly background. I'm trying some new stuff with entity processing.

Cart [#nugemuretu-4#] | Code | 2019-02-12 | No License | Embed

UI improvements. Hold the down key to access items.

Cart [#nugemuretu-2#] | Code | 2019-02-12 | No License | Embed

Generation improvements and visualization.

Cart [#nugemuretu-1#] | Code | 2019-02-12 | No License | Embed

Something interesting, hopefully.

P#61794 2019-02-12 00:38 ( Edited 2019-02-15 03:55)

Interesting indeed, I can see lots of potential with this.
By the name "Star Gardener", it sounds like one of those survival games where you have to get food and stuff.

P#61803 2019-02-12 14:24

@nonymousFog: It is, in fact! The plan is to mix Stardew Valley and Spelunky.

P#61827 2019-02-12 22:54

I've never really played Stardew Valley, but I kind of want to.
I've played the old, original version of Spelunky, but it was one someone put on the Chrome Web Store, and due to certain glitches, I only managed to beat it once. Still loved it though.

At one point, this happened:

If I remember right, I had thrown a bomb at a giant spider, and I went under it as the bomb exploded.

P#61844 2019-02-13 14:28 ( Edited 2019-02-13 14:30)

I could remember what game this reminds me of, but I remember now: Oxygen Not Included.

P#61883 2019-02-14 16:21
:: qouka

How is the map generated, it looks interesting.

P#61909 2019-02-15 12:46

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