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Alpha Strike Deluxe is a shoot-em-up in the classic NES style. Shoot your way through 5 levels, destroy everything that moves and save the world from danger. It's a remake of my 2016 game Alpha Strike, now with better code, silky smooth 60FPS and swanky graphical effects!


  • no more grid! Every object in the game moves smoothly and isn't bound to the grid now!
  • separate scores and lives for both players!
  • graphical improvements! New sprites for all enemies, some terrain sprites, and swanky graphical effects like trails and explosions! No more 8x8 explosions and tiny spaceship trails!
  • balance fixes! The difficulty curve is now smoother and the game is a bit easier (but not too easy!)
  • that new-fangled fancy 60FPS thing you apparently wanted! Back in the 90s, everyone was happy with 30FPS and no one complained!


Pico-8 D-Pad/arrow keys - move ship
Pico-8 (X) button/X key - shoot bullets


Every 10000 points net you an extra life.
Collect powerups to enhance your weapon.
When you die, you lose your weapon.
When you get a game over, you can use one of the two continues you have.


Use only if you want to ruin your fun! Those are the same as in the original Alpha Strike.

Enter those at title screen.
U,R,D,D - invincibility
U,D,D,R - full power
L,U,D,D,R - 10 lives
R,R,L,U - 99 continues
U,L,U - stage 2
U,L,L - stage 3
U,L,D - stage 4
U,L,R - stage 5



  • initial public release




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(CC) 2019 Adrian Makes Games. Crafted with love (and Pico-8) in Poland. Music by @Gruber_Music, @Synth_dfr, @Viggles, @Robby_Duguay and @adrian09_01.

P#60527 2019-01-03 14:05 ( Edited 2019-01-03 21:45)

This is a nice shooter! Is there a way to bomb things that are on the ground floating by? I like the particle effects, and especially the music. Nice work!

P#60530 2019-01-03 14:56

Good game here, noticed a few small things that could use tweaking.
The bullet firing could use a reload timeout instead of BTNP(), and the ships look a bit jittery for some reason, but other than that quite a solid game here. Very difficult for a noob like me at least. The cheat codes are much appreciated! I Can't do Gradius without them either.

P#60539 2019-01-03 18:43 ( Edited 2019-01-03 18:43)

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