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Cart #18991 | 2016-02-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Relive the joy of the 80's with some key mashing and marble gobbling. Feed those peckish pachyderms as fast as you can to win.

This is a two to four player, shoulder to shoulder kind of game.

Up Arrow: Red
Down Arrow: Yellow
Left Arrow: Blue
Right Arrow: Green

If anyone feels an urge to replace the music with something better, please be my guest.

--Electric Gryphon

P#18992 2016-02-27 17:48 ( Edited 2016-05-29 19:15)

Haha, Great job. The style is spot on. Excellent breather from my work. Much more entertaining than Rock em sock em robots.

P#18994 2016-02-27 18:51 ( Edited 2016-02-27 23:51)

Just love it, you digitalized an old classic "table game". I'm surprised at how easily you were able to make it multiplayer, all that each player needs is just an arrow key! Congratulations, is a very fun little game, will download it c:

P#21644 2016-05-29 15:15 ( Edited 2016-05-29 19:15)

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