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Could the SFX editor allow moving between SFX 00 and 63?

ie, pressing '-' while on SFX 00 would go to 63, and pressing '+' while on SFX 63 would take you to 00.

Plus similar behaviour when clicking the < > icons.

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I agree, I remember this was once annoying for me as well. Non-wrapping menus and tabs always drive me crazy.

The only time a menu shouldn't wrap is if the movement is triggered by a keyrepeat event. But otherwise they should always wrap. UI/UX people figured this out years ago and I wish it would be adopted more often.

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Yeah,it just takes longer than you'd like to get from a low SFX to a high one or vice versa.

It's much quicker using keys over mouse clicks, but then there's this bug which means you need to do the last click by mouse a lot of the time:

SFX bug

P#48881 2018-02-02 09:08


Did you know you can hit Shift-+/- and jump four sounds forward or back at a time? I use that when going from high numbers to low (and vice-versa) because it literally takes about one second to go from 63 to 0. (Actually only about 2/3's of a second, but it takes about a third of a second for the held-down key to register as a repeating key.) Here's a GIF to show you:

P#48914 2018-02-03 01:57


I didn't know that...that's much better, thanks!

P#49249 2018-02-13 09:35

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