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Issue #1 of the community-made PICO-8 zine is out! You can order the 48-page printed version via pico8fanzine.bigcartel.com for a nominal fee, or download the pdf (mirror).

Much respect to @arnaud_debock and contributors for putting this together -- it's humbling to see the world of PICO-8 extended in such a creative and kick-ass way. Issue #1 includes artwork and articles by @dotsukiHARA, @bitmoo, @TheRealMolen, @pizzamakesgames, @PROGRAM_IX, @aliceffekt, @modernmodron and @terrycavanagh. I also took the opportunity to write something on the history of PICO-8 and it's relationship with other Lexaloffle projects.

If you'd like to contribute to future issues, see also this thread, or tweet @arnaud_debock.

pico-8 zine
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P#12891 2015-08-22 15:30


Oh my gosh the cover art looks amazing, hell the whole thing does. I might have to order one!

P#12941 2015-08-23 12:55


The fanzine #2, will be finish before the end of the month!

I'm now looking for help and material for #3
More info :
Fanzine #3 info

Thanks a lot

P#13548 2015-09-02 04:29

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