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Cart [#12608#] | Copy | Code | 2015-08-13 | Link

Enjoy the sports game of hockey!
2 Player action!
Control your own goalie!
Wonky physics!

All your friends will want it!

Player1: arrow keys, n to shoot
Player2: esdf, left shift to shoot

joysticks would probably be a lot better.

It's definitely still a work in progress.

P#12609 2015-08-13 00:50


Love it! Waiting for the AI though, hard to play against myself :)

P#12610 2015-08-13 01:49


Heh, that's a great start regardless.

P#12614 2015-08-13 08:38


very nice!! now i just need friends!

P#12615 2015-08-13 09:50


Really love it! I can already imagine a version for 4 local players!

P#12617 2015-08-13 10:02


Thanks guys! It really is a lot more fun with 2 actual players and joysticks.

Yeah, it's super hard to test on a keyboard by myself.

My plan is to go back and really tighten up the physics before adding new features like AI.

I'd love to make a four player version but Pico8 only has support for 2 controllers.

P#12625 2015-08-13 13:13


Awesome. Needs less player friction, but it's already a great start!

P#12649 2015-08-14 12:04

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