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Cart #henry_jr-1 | 2024-05-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Henry Jr and the Satchel of Doom

You are a famous professor of archaeology and you have found a secret cave somewhere in the deepest jungle of the Americas. Luckily, you came prepared with your trusty satchel. It is a satchel, not a handbag! But it is also doomed. It seems there is always room for more, no matter how many artefacts you stuff into it. Like your greed! Unfortunately, you have no choice but to travel deeper into the cave to find more artefacts.

Avoid shooting skulls, flying blocks, deadly traps and ugly nazis.

Update 1

Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a bonus game loop. Hopefully 🤞

How to play

Avoid falling and flying blocks: ⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️
Collect artefacts after each wave. The first artefact is always a can of soda. After the second wave, there are random artefacts to collect. Try to collect all the artefacts to complete your collection.


  • Every time you avoid the flying blocks you get 4 points plus the bonus shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you pick up an artefact, you get the bonus points multiplied by five.
  • Jumping over a fire during the bonus stage will earn you 1 point.

Bonus game:

Jump over the flames to survive and score points.

TIP: You can also play just the bonus game by pressing UP ⬆️ in the title screen.


Sound FX by Herr Kaschke

P#148419 2024-05-15 15:29 ( Edited 2024-05-17 15:26)


This is great, very chaotic in a good way. I need to play again when I have my controller handy or play on the handheld, the arrow keys were doing me no favors :). Also a big fan of 144 Floors, happy to see a new one from you!

P#148430 2024-05-15 15:50

@2bitchuck Thank you 🙏

P#148431 2024-05-15 15:53

It gave me a bonus level when I clicked start, then when I died, gave me another one again and again.

P#148507 2024-05-16 20:44 ( Edited 2024-05-17 12:52)

@Hell_Cat That's odd. Pressing up in the title screen starts the bonus level. Pressing A or B will start the regular game. I will look into it tonight.

P#148520 2024-05-17 04:33

Very fun game! And the FXs are on point, I love the Indiana Jones theme!

P#148525 2024-05-17 09:24

@Elfamir: Thanks!

@Hell_Cat I uploaded a new version and hopefully fixed the bonus game loop 🤞

P#148543 2024-05-17 15:27

@donswelt I'm pressing up to start and it's still giving me the bonus level. I'm using the chrome browser if that helps.

P#148565 2024-05-17 18:18

@Hell_Cat Yes, Up should start the bonus level. z/c x/v starts the regular game.

P#148567 2024-05-17 18:41

This is a ton of chaotic fun! Great dodge'em and the little bonus level is a good fun. The hitboxes and jump are a little stiff for the bonus but doesn't ruin a thing. I'm about halfway through finding all the artifacts...it's a great method to keep people playing.

P#148601 2024-05-18 22:34

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