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Cart #calcifer-2 | 2024-03-27 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Just a calculator, but with a fiery twist. My wife came up with the name, so I had to add a little mascot :) It's a fully functional calculator. At least I hope it is. Better not do your homework or taxes with it ^^;

Update: Fixed some odd behaviour and added a button to make numbers negative or positive.
Update 2: Fixed the behaviour of the % key, added partial keyboard support (at least the numbers are working), a custom icon and meta date.

Things to do:

  • Button feedback
P#144240 2024-03-23 19:14 ( Edited 2024-03-27 17:20)

That's neat! I'm working on a calculator myself. Did you manage to get input from the physical keypad, or does yours work only with mouse? I couldn't figure a way to get input from the keypad on my keyboard.

P#144346 2024-03-24 23:50

No, I'd like to add it, but I have no idea how to do it 😅

P#144378 2024-03-25 05:18

Someone suggested me it could be possible by using the hexadecimal values from this table https://www.freepascal-meets-sdl.net/sdl-2-0-scancode-lookup-table/

I'll give it a try

P#144406 2024-03-25 13:17

Nice. Thanks, I will give it try too.

I have just figured out how to add a custom icon. However, I can't edit the medadata. Well, baby steps.

P#144465 2024-03-25 21:28

I don’t think we can get raw scancodes with picotron, but we should be able to get number keys with the key function!

P#144492 2024-03-26 03:26

I got the numbers to work via keyp(), but nothing else except enter. The whole keyboard in Picotron 0.1.0d on macOS is kinda messed up though (cltr instead of cmd, del isn't recognised). So who knows, maybe it will work under Windows :)

P#144797 2024-03-28 07:13 ( Edited 2024-03-28 07:14)

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