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Cart #function_tool-2 | 2024-03-17 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

I made a useful tool to look at what parameters are expected from picotron's api
You can also see in what file it is implemented and inspect the code!

It only works for functions that are implemented in lua, when it's done in c it's not visible, and some lua functions don't have much code in them and redirect a variable amount of parameters toward a c function

I also exported the list of functions with their parameters if I could find them:

table   USERDATA
C   USERDATA:__add
C   USERDATA:__band
C   USERDATA:__bor
C   USERDATA:__bxor
C   USERDATA:__div
C   USERDATA:__index
C   USERDATA:__len
C   USERDATA:__mod
C   USERDATA:__mul
C   USERDATA:__newindex
C   USERDATA:__sub
C   USERDATA:__tostring
C   USERDATA:attribs
C   USERDATA:clear
C   USERDATA:convert
C   USERDATA:cross
C   USERDATA:distance
C   USERDATA:height
C   USERDATA:magnitude
C   USERDATA:matmul
C   USERDATA:matmul2d
C   USERDATA:matmul3d
C   USERDATA:transpose
C   USERDATA:width
table   _G
string  _VERSION
C   _fetch_local
C   _fetch_remote
Lua _process_event_messages ()
C   _signal
C   _store_local
C   _update_buttons
Lua abs (a)
C   add
Lua add_line (s)
Lua all (c)
C   apply_diff
C   assert
C   atan2
C   blit
C   btn
C   btnp
C   camera
C   cd
C   chr
C   circ
C   circfill
Lua clear_key (scancode)
C   clip
C   cls
C   cocreate
C   collectgarbage
C   color
Lua coresume (c, ...)
table   coroutine
C   coroutine:close
C   coroutine:create
C   coroutine:isyieldable
C   coroutine:resume
C   coroutine:running
C   coroutine:status
C   coroutine:wrap
C   coroutine:yield
C   cos
C   costatus
C   count
Lua cp (f0, f1)
C   create_diff
Lua create_gui (head_el)
Lua create_process (prog_name, env_patch, do_debug)
Lua create_undo_stack (, ...)
C   cursor
Lua date (format)
table   debug
C   debug:debug
C   debug:gethook
C   debug:getinfo
C   debug:getlocal
C   debug:getmetatable
C   debug:getregistry
C   debug:getupvalue
C   debug:getuservalue
C   debug:setcstacklimit
C   debug:sethook
C   debug:setlocal
C   debug:setmetatable
C   debug:setupvalue
C   debug:setuservalue
C   debug:traceback
C   debug:upvalueid
C   debug:upvaluejoin
C   del
C   deli
C   dtime
Lua env ()
C   error
Lua exit (exit_code)
Lua fetch (location, ...)
Lua fetch_metadata (filename)
C   fget
C   fillp
C   flip
C   flr
Lua foreach (c, _f)
C   fset
C   fstat
C   fullpath
Lua function_info (fun)
C   get
Lua get_clipboard ()
Lua get_display ()
Lua get_draw_target ()
Lua get_spr (index)
C   getmetatable
Lua include (filename)
C   ipairs
Lua key (scancode)
Lua keyp (scancode)
C   line
C   load
C   ls
Lua map (ud, b, ...)
table   math
C   math:abs
C   math:acos
C   math:asin
C   math:atan
C   math:ceil
C   math:cos
C   math:deg
C   math:exp
C   math:floor
C   math:fmod
number  math:huge
C   math:log
C   math:max
number  math:maxinteger
C   math:min
number  math:mininteger
C   math:modf
number  math:pi
C   math:rad
C   math:random
C   math:randomseed
C   math:sin
C   math:sqrt
C   math:tan
C   math:tointeger
C   math:type
C   math:ult
Lua max (a, b)
C   memcpy
Lua memmap (addr, a, offset, len)
C   memset
Lua menuitem (m, a, b)
Lua mid (a, b, c)
Lua min (a, b)
Lua mkdir (p)
C   mount
Lua mouse ()
C   music
Lua mv (src, dest)
C   next
C   note
Lua notify (msg_str)
Lua on_event (event, f)
C   ord
C   oval
C   ovalfill
C   pack
C   pairs
C   pal
C   palt
C   pcall
C   peek
C   peek2
C   peek4
C   peek8
Lua peektext (i)
C   pget
C   pid
Lua pod (obj, flags, meta)
C   poke
C   poke2
C   poke4
C   poke8
Lua print (str, x, y, col)
Lua printh (str)
C   pset
C   pwd
Lua pwf ()
C   rawequal
C   rawget
C   rawlen
C   rawset
Lua readtext (clear_remaining)
C   rect
C   rectfill
Lua reset ()
Lua rm (f0)
C   rnd
C   select
C   send_message
C   set
Lua set_clipboard (, ...)
Lua set_draw_target (d)
Lua set_spr (index, s, flags_val)
C   setmetatable
C   sfx
Lua sgn (a)
C   sin
C   split
C   spr
C   sqrt
C   srand
C   sspr
C   stat
Lua stop (txt, ...)
Lua store (location, obj, meta)
Lua store_metadata (filename, meta)
table   string
Lua string:basename (self)
C   string:byte
C   string:char
C   string:dump
Lua string:ext (self)
C   string:find
C   string:format
C   string:gmatch
C   string:gsub
Lua string:hloc (self)
C   string:len
C   string:lower
C   string:match
C   string:pack
C   string:packsize
Lua string:path (self)
C   string:rep
C   string:reverse
C   string:sub
C   string:unpack
C   string:upper
Lua sub (str, ...)
C   t
table   table
C   table:concat
C   table:insert
C   table:move
C   table:pack
C   table:remove
C   table:unpack
Lua theme (which)
C   time
C   tline3d
C   tokenoid
Lua tonum (, ...)
C   tonumber
Lua tostr (val, as_hex)
C   tostring
C   type
Lua unmap (a)
C   unpack
C   unpod
C   userdata
table   utf8
C   utf8:char
string  utf8:charpattern
C   utf8:codepoint
C   utf8:codes
C   utf8:len
C   utf8:offset
C   vec
Lua vid (mode)
C   warn
Lua window (w, h, attribs)
Lua wrangle_working_file (save_state, load_state, untitled_filename, get_hlocation, set_hlocation)
C   yield

P#143479 2024-03-17 11:40 ( Edited 2024-03-17 12:33)

now that I think about it, using hooks like I do here might be useful for a code editor, to show the origin of a function and it's parameter in a tooltip or something
I'm not sure if it's practical though, and would probably need to use sandboxing to avoid crashing all the time

P#143500 2024-03-17 13:29

Very cool! I like how you show the code for the Picotron functions. Makes it so much easier to find out what they do!

P#143685 2024-03-18 11:44

awesome, i was looking for something that would show me the function signatures of everything and not just their names, and showing the source too is even cooler! this is definitely gonna be used a lot :)

P#143755 2024-03-18 20:18

That's great, thank you!

P#143808 2024-03-19 06:41

Hey, I had no idea someone else was doing this, but was working on a variant of my own and seem to have caught a few yours missed. I'm going to run your code locally and see what you did that differed from my approach and hopefully we can combine that result into perfection.

Will update if I discover the answer.

P#145929 2024-04-06 21:21

@iiviiGames what missing functions did you find?

and see also https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=140816

P#145961 2024-04-07 09:57

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