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Welcome to 2013, Year of the Snake!

Here's a little preview of an old prototype I decided to dust off recently. Swarm Racer 3000 is the sequel to Swarm Racer, with new visual style and some new elements.

I ended up going nuts and making 8 new tracks & some audio. It was great fun! I'll be releasing it shortly as a bonus game for Lexaloffle customers.

Also a couple of development images when the renderer broke in interesting ways:

P#6991 2013-01-01 17:14


These screenshots are really pretty :9 can't wait!

P#6994 2013-01-01 21:47


Also, happy new year lexaloffle! I really love you guys >:*

P#6995 2013-01-01 21:49


Happy 2013!
I hope Voxatron makes good progress this year and anything else you make does well!

P#7000 2013-01-02 14:12


Happy New Year! Though, nothing changed still.

P#7001 2013-01-02 14:35


The breaks in the renderer are actually quite pretty!

P#7012 2013-01-05 04:15


happy new year ahh it will be sweet! will be kool trying swarm racer 3000 and voxatron is gna go mental

P#7013 2013-01-05 06:28

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