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I know that I'm not the only one who thinks that Voxatron needs to be brought to others. This game has so much potential but is being slowed down by lack of community interaction and support. I want to see this game rise above other more popular indie games but unfortunately I do not have the time to write articles for it on every website I visit. So I come to you, if you believe this game deserves more attention then please, recommend it to others on the other forums or websites that you visit. Tell friends or make videos and spread the word. I'm sure that better interaction within the community will not only increase the popularity, but also influence Zep to work harder than he already has on this game.

Thank you for your help and time for reading this thread.

P#5777 2012-01-24 17:21


Well it got several new users when Paulsoresjr did a youtube video on it, I was one of those. Also I'm trying to pick the community up a bit by adding new things such as the voxatron review. (but no one's commented on it) However I agree with you, this game needs more people on it that are willing to actually make stuff.

P#5781 2012-01-24 21:45


I am alright with you but also not if i can say.

I think the game made the buzz with the humble bundle, and a quick development for about 1 month after it's release.

But currently the game developpement is stuck, and contrary to minecraft (for example) there is not really possibility of modding by people from "the community".

You will say that people can create levels and also characters, but for me it's not really modding , it's more like skinning.

I am not negative, but to respond to your post, I want to say wait maybe for 6 months then may be this game will have more modding capacity... and then you will see the community support become bigger and bigger !

For the moment the game is just an alpha not a beta, don't be surprise.

P#5812 2012-01-30 04:17


Are those forward to everyone you know kind of things still effective?

P#7036 2013-01-17 16:34


I help run BitLoaders.com and this is one of my favorite games o-o
Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lets Play might help?
Still plenty of community works out there to play and show off.
Maybe after the next big feature update.

P#7038 2013-01-18 06:57


I honestly believe that the biggest problem with the attention given to this game has been the weak videos that are posted about it....

Just try to search youtube for voxatron and see what you get: everyone just does a "Let's Play" on the standard Adventure levels, and that's it! People only get to see a small part of it, and never ever see the BBS Levels which are way cooler in my opinion!

P#7040 2013-01-19 09:07


I really appreciate everyone's support in wanting Voxatron to be more visible. But I think it's too early to focus on building community and visibility -- but not for long! For the last year I was in 99% hermit development mode, and I think it was worth it in the long term. Before a lot of people invest energy in developing levels, I wanted to finish the much more expressive version of the engine. It's nearing completion now (on the large scale of things), and will be a much better base for doing community support and for promoting. There are a lot of media people waiting patiently to see and write about the next iteration of Voxatron, and I want to nail it!

I'll post more about this in the next developer diary, but in short, 0.3 will be quite a step up in level designing potential and with proper community tools (ratings, featured levels, sharing etc) along with a substantial demo level, it will be a great time to remind everyone that Voxatron still exists and kick-start some self-sustaining BBS activity. Until then, I'm going to do updates every week or two rolling out the new features, so there will be a chance for people still paying attention to Voxatron now to get to grips with them before 0.3's launch.

P#7042 2013-01-19 19:46


I hadn't considered it that way. As a matter of fact, at this point it is better for anyone who hasn't seen Voxatron before to be exposed to the upcoming version when it is released, rather than the current one sooner. We should work in waves, putting forth greater promotional effort with every release.

idk, sounds strategic and I love strategies.

Meantime, let's just try to keep things stirring among those of us who already here!

Moreover, I just got started on what was going to be massive project, but given what Zep has said perhaps I should wait, which is cool because now I feel okay posting something even though it is currently incomplete, and probably won't be.

P#7048 2013-01-21 00:32


I am new here (made an account less than a minute ago).

What this forum NEEDS is a better way to greet new users. No offense to anyone here, because I know almost nothing about this game or forums, but I can't seem to find any forum introduction, new user thread, user chatroom, or anything of the sort. It is hard for new users to jump right into a game. They need a way to assimilate themselves into voxatron culture. If users feel welcome here, they will tell their friends.

Does this forum have moderators?

P#7063 2013-01-25 16:47


The forum, as I understand it, is in a bit of a quiet period right now, as we all await the next update. That update will will include new editing features which will give players much greater expressive ability, and thus lead to the community blossoming. As such, we are not really trying to do too much promotional stuff right now, or community activity. But it's cool to know that someone else is on here looking for activity! It's felt like a ghost town for too long!

Just so you know, the experiment with the cars driving around and the sewers and everything was mine. I would suggest you not put too much effort into anything you make right now, being as how you'll be disappointed when the next update comes, but post something, and I'll start posting again too. I'd love to see something new on the bbs again.

P#7064 2013-01-25 20:55


I've been holding off on really putting together my particular content because the very core of the story relies on the monster editor being in place. It will make no sense whatsoever with the current enemies. However, I've not been moping on it either as I've been making little tests of how I want to make the player either think or react as well as putting together level elements (you know, that boring stuff of making all the background graphics and objects?)

I agree with Zep on this one. It's a fun game and the editor is cool, but if you look at his todo list, it's too early for general fanfare. I'm looking forward to the final product and I think that's when everything will come to what I like to call GETHER. :)

P#7068 2013-01-31 19:19

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