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Cart #woolcat_cubg-0 | 2020-04-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

WoolCat! Take Woolly home.

Made for Fantasy Console Game Jam #5

Keep Woolly's spirits up on his way home, be careful and keep an eye on his happiness meter, collect all the balls of wool to keep him moving forward.

  • Run around with the arrow keys.
  • Collect all the wool to move to the next level.
  • There are over 60 levels.
  • To move diagonally, press two directions at the same time.
  • Meow with Z or X.

Game music made in BeepBox

Developed by cubee (Website)
Published by Pixel Shock

P#75107 2020-04-21 10:37 ( Edited 2020-06-17 09:36)

I love it

P#76385 2020-05-11 16:35

gets hard :o

P#99870 2021-11-09 16:31

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