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Credit @JadeLombax for level compression.

A simple editor I made for anyone who likes to create Super Mario Maker levels.

This is compatible with Super Mario Remix, which is a game I'm currently making

How to share levels:

Go to the comments section, type in the title of the level, and press the Control Button + V after copying the level.

Technical notes:

Can be played with a Mouse or a Controller

Level width is 16 screens,
256 tiles,
or 2048 pixels

Level height is 1 screen,
16 tiles,
or 128 pixels

Controls for mouse

Left click : Place blocks
Right click : Delete blocks
Scroll : Select blocks

Controls for controller

Up, Down, Left, and Right : Move Cursor
X while not on selected block : Place blocks
X while on selected block : Delete blocks
Z and Up or Down : Select Block

Menu items

1 : Stage type / Theme
2 : Copy Level to Clipboard
3 : Load Level from Clipboard after pasting from clipboard (Control Button + V)
4 : Enable Block flicker (Seizure warning)

Cart #smr_editor-2 | 2021-06-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Version 1.1

  • Fixed a level copying bug
  • Added automatic bug-fixing formatting for level sharing convenience
P#93331 2021-06-11 01:25 ( Edited 2021-06-12 20:09)

Here's a short level I made.
 ̄テハ¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ ̄テト ̄タチc¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラニ¬ヨᄊa¬ヨᆴ↓ロテ ̄タチc¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ ̄チユ ̄タチc¬ヨᆴ ̄チᄄ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴl ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ ̄チ﾿ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ￰゚リミ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ↓ロテ ̄タチc¬ヨᆴn ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ¬リノ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴk ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ¬ヨネ ̄タチc¬ヨᆴk ̄タチd¬ヨᆴ ̄チᄉ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴm ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ￰゚リミ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴeyr¬ヨᆴdyp¬ヨᆴgyf¬ヨᆴqyd¬ヨᆴhyd¬ヨᆴ￰゚リミyr¬ヨᆴdyp¬ヨᆴgyf¬ヨᆴqyd¬ヨᆴhyd¬ヨᆴ¬ヨネ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴj2 ̄ツノ ̄タツp2 ̄ツᆰ ̄ツロp2 ̄ツᆰ¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2 ̄ツᆰ¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2 ̄ツᆰ¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2 ̄ツᆰ¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa¬タᄁj¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマe2 ̄ツᆰ¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2w ̄テホa ̄テユa2n ̄テホa ̄テユa2n ̄テホa ̄テユa2n ̄テホa ̄テユa2n ̄テホa ̄テユa2n ̄テホa ̄テユa2g¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2g ̄テホa ̄テユa2m ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2l ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2l ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2l ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2l ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2l ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2f¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa¬タᄁk¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマd2f ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テユa2k ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2j ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2j ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2j ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2j ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2j ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2e¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2e ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テユa2i ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2h ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2h ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2h ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2h ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2h ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2d¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマp2d ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テユa2e ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2d ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2d ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2d ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2d ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2d ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2c¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa(j)a.b/a¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa2a ̄テホa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリf ̄テメa ̄テユa2c ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa¬ラタk>b?a¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa2b ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa¬ラタk¬ヨᆴa>a?a¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマa ̄テマa ̄テリb ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テユa ̄テホa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa¬チルp ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロb ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa¬チルp ̄テロa ̄テリd ̄テメa ̄テロa ̄テリh ̄テメa¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ ̄ツナ ̄タチc¬ヨᆴ ̄テチ ̄タチd¬ヨᆴ ̄テト ̄タチc¬ヨᆴ ̄テネ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ ̄テネ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄋ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴf ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ ̄テネ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチa¬ヨᆴa ̄タチa¬ヨᆴa ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄂ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴi ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチe¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄍ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチe¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄍ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチe¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄍ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチb¬ヨᆴa ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄍ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチb¬ヨᆴa ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄆym¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᆵym¬ヨᆴ ̄ツᄁ ̄テチa¬ヨᄂbva ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチb¬ヨᄂb ̄テチa£ᄊワa£ᄊᅠb ̄テネa ̄テᆬa¬ラワb ̄テニaQa$aQa$a ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチb¬ヨᄂb ̄テチjla ̄ツᄈaea,a!b ̄ツᆱa ̄テチe ̄チンa¬ヨᆬa ̄テチb¬ヨᄂa¬チᄌa ̄テネa ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc¬ランa¬ラワb^a ̄チハa¬ヨᄂb8a4a¬ヨメa'a£ᄉノa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄テチe!b ̄テチb%a¬ヨᅠa!a ̄ツᆱa!b,a ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂb ̄ツᄍa ̄チニa¬チᄌa_a ̄テチa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc

P#93427 2021-06-13 17:51

idk i was testing :l
 ̄テハ¬ヨᆴ ̄テヒ¬タヨa¬ヨᆴc¬タヨb¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨb¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴd¬タヨc¬ヨᆴ ̄ツナ¬タヨa¬ヨᆴc¬タヨa¬ヨᆴb¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴb¬タヨa¬ヨᆴd¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴ ̄ツナ¬タヨa¬ヨᆴc¬タヨb¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨb¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴd¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴ¬ルᆰ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴd ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ¬ンホ¬タヨa¬ヨᆴc¬タヨa¬ヨᆴb¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴb¬タヨa¬ヨᆴd¬タヨa¬ヨᆴa¬タヨa¬ヨᆴ¬ルᆰ ̄タチa¬ヨᆴd ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ¬ンホ¬タヨc¬ヨᆴa¬タヨb¬ヨᆴb¬タヨa¬ヨᆴb¬タヨb¬ヨᆴa¬タヨc¬ヨᆴb¬タヨc¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴo ̄タチa¬ヨᆴb ̄タチa¬ヨᆴ ̄チᄒya¬ヨᆴ¬ᆲヌ￯ᄌマ ̄タチd¬ヨᆴ ̄チᄒya¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ ̄ツヘya¬ヨᆴgye¬ヨᆴfya¬ヨᆴeya¬ヨᆴ ̄チマ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴ¬ラヒya¬ヨᆴeya¬ヨᆴiya¬ヨᆴeyb¬ヨᆴ ̄チロ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴzyd¬ヨᆴaya¬ヨᆴiya¬ヨᆴjyb¬ヨᆴbya¬ヨᆴ ̄チラ ̄タチb¬ヨᆴxya¬ヨᆴoya¬ヨᆴiyc¬ヨᆴgya¬ヨᆴbya¬ヨᆴc ̄タチe¬ヨᆴ¬ネᄃyv¬ヨᆴbya¬ヨᆴkye¬ヨᆴkya¬ヨᆴgya¬ヨᆴ ̄チモyv¬ヨᆴ ̄ツナ2¬ラン2 ̄チマ ̄タチp2 ̄ツᆰ ̄タチp2 ̄ツᆰ ̄タチp2 ̄ツᆰ ̄タチp2 ̄ツᆰ ̄タチp2 ̄ツᆰ ̄タチa¬タᄁj ̄タチe2qqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2a ̄タチp2aqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2bqaJa2aqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJa ̄タチa¬タᄁk ̄タチdqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJaqa¬ヨメa¬リノaJa¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc ̄タチp¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノc¬ヨメa¬リノ ̄ツフ ̄タチp¬リノppa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbra ̄タチa¬ヨᄊj ̄タフa b ̄ツワa ̄タチapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbrapa¬リノbra¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb ̄タチa>m?a ̄タチa¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノb¬ヨネapa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノb ̄タチa>m?a ̄タチa¬リノasa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノcsa¬リノ ̄ツヒHp¬リノ ̄ツᆰXp¬リノp¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ¬ラン¬ヨᆴ ̄テᅠ ̄テチa¬ヨᄂbva ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチb¬ヨᄂb ̄テチa£ᄊワa£ᄊᅠb ̄テネa ̄テᆬa¬ラワb ̄テニaQa$aQa$a ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチb¬ヨᄂb ̄テチjla ̄ツᄈaea,a!b ̄ツᆱa ̄テチe ̄チンa¬ヨᆬa ̄テチb¬ヨᄂa¬チᄌa ̄テネa ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc¬ランa¬ラワb^a ̄チハa¬ヨᄂb8a4a¬ヨメa'a£ᄉノa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc ̄テチe!b ̄テチb%a¬ヨᅠa!a ̄ツᆱa!b,a ̄テチa¬ヨᄂb ̄テチa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂb ̄ツᄍa ̄チニa¬チᄌa_a ̄テチa ̄チニa¬ヨᄂc

P#94369 2021-07-02 20:51

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