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Hi! Do you have 99 seconds to help me out by playtesting this?

Cart #crunch-1 | 2022-12-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

I'm trying to make a space RTS game. This is a test of a user interface for it which uses the standard pico8 controls, no mouse. I don't want to give any instructions - Please leave a comment if you figure it out, or if you have trouble or any questions. Thank you!!

P#123045 2022-12-26 05:12

I really dig what you got going on so far! Nice and clean UI and cute little sprites! The controls are easy and xlean. the menu-s really well constructed!

I've got only two things that popped into my head. One being the order of ship control, personally I'd love a Select Ship -> Select Target order better (with maybe an add another ship option after selecting the first) and a little text somewhere showing which type of ship I'm currently selecting, so it can be totally clear.

The other is some kind of indication on non-extracting buildings to show which type of building i have them on, so I don't have to scroll through my planets to know on which one I have a bomber facory for ex.

P#123069 2022-12-26 12:27

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