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Cart #breakthesundemo2-0 | 2019-12-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


This is my first actual game thing so please bear with me. Break the Sun is a shmup I've been working on for a while now, I started it this summer to learn to code. I've reached the point where I have a proper beginning, intro and end for the first level so I decided to toss it on the web and see what people think.

It's pretty simple: arrows to move, Z to shoot, X to dodge (if you have enough fuel in your tank, that is). Reach the boss and see if you get the highest score chaining kills with your multiplier. I've implemented a couple tricks I came up with and some stuff inspired by the incredible @lucatron_ on Twitter.

Any feedback – positive or negative – is really appreciated, you can leave them here or reach me on the Tweetles @MrMandolino. Thanks for playing!

EDIT: fixed a bug that could cause you to take damage before appearing on screen

P#70493 2019-12-02 20:06 ( Edited 2019-12-02 22:19)

Cloud graphics look nice. It took awhile to figure out the doge, but I liked that you had to dodge up and down as well as L/R.

P#70510 2019-12-03 01:07
:: dw817

When it says, "Can you hear me" the whole game slows down to about 5fps and even affects the audio.

Good shooter. Needs auto-fire at least for me. Star for you.

P#70519 2019-12-03 06:53

Yeah, the messages are intentionally simulating a CPU struggling to keep up – used poke to mess with the audio and a freeze frame system. Seems like I got it even too right, almost everyone thinks it's a bug.

Auto fire and some sort of dash readiness indicator seem to be the main features it lacks, will see what I can do (definitely implementing the indicator tho)


P#70522 2019-12-03 09:12

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