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Mouse and Keyboard


Crowded Dungeon Crawler is a mix of puzzle and dungeon crawler. Your goal is to defeat enough enemies to open the door to the next level.

  • The TIME bar depletes as you play. Once it's empty it's game over. Attacking enemies and buying items will stop time for a few seconds.
  • Melee items require HP to be used. When attacking multiple enemies, only the strongest one in the group will damage you.
  • Magic items require MANA. Each item has a specific mana cost. If you don't have enough mana to cast an ability, you can hold the attack button to convert TIME into MANA.
  • You can have up to 7 items in your INVENTORY. If you pick up more than that, you will drop the currently equipped item on the ground.
  • Defeat enough enemies to open the EXIT. If you clear ALL enemies you will receive an additional reward.

Pause Menu

The pause menu has some special options:

  • If you don't have any plays left, select RESTART LEVEL to try again.
  • Select REPLAY PUZZLES to play previous puzzles in which you didn't collect the golden gem.
  • CLEAR PROGRESS will restart the game from the beginning but keep your scores.
  • CLEAR SCORE will erase your scores but keep your progress on the puzzles.
  • You can't interact with the pause menu with the mouse, only with the keyboard or controller.

Puzzle Levels

Each world consists of 7 puzzles and a sequence of random levels at the end. In puzzle levels, you have to defeat enough enemies before running out of resources. If you don't have any more health, mana, or items to use, pause the game and select RESTART LEVEL.

Puzzle levels have some specific rules:

  • In puzzle mode, your TIME bar doesn't deplete unless you use a magic item to convert time into mana.
  • Clearing all enemies will give you a GOLDEN GEM. Golden gems are used to unlock playable classes.

Adventure Mode

In world 6 there are no puzzle levels. Instead, you can play with different classes in an endless sequence of levels for high scores. It only ends when you run out of time.

  • Clearing all enemies gives you a RED GEM. Red gems can be used at special shops for unique items. If you keep them, they count as much as 100 coins!
  • Each class has its own score counter. Try to see how far you can go with each one!
  • Every 3 levels the dungeon type changes. You can see what's the next type on the STAIRS!
  • Destroy the GOLDEN IDOL to double your score! Defeating the golden idol ends your run. Try to defeat it only when you think you can't go any further!
  • After each level, some of your resources (HP, mana and items) will be refilled according to your class.

Items and Enemies

You should be able to figure out the item and enemy mechanics on your own. In case you get stuck here is some additional information. SPOILERS!

Enemy Table

Item Table


BoneVolt - Design, Programming, Graphics and SFX
Jamaass - Music and Quality Assurance
Special thanks to our Discord server for additional testing, feedback and support!

P#82720 2020-10-08 23:16 ( Edited 2021-11-11 21:06)


A player told me they were stuck in a puzzle level because they didn't realise you can't convert time into mana. I updated the game so you start puzzle levels with more mana and removed the time bar on these levels. Also, put a message that the game autosaves in the beginning.

P#82959 2020-10-15 13:29

Im already stuck at 1-5 :/ Great game tho, nice, art, feels polished.

P#84410 2020-11-17 20:56

@NikoHippo Yeah, the game has a lot of mechanics, might be too steep a learning curve for some... I plan to release a simpler version, with fewer mechanics, and only adventure mode (no puzzles) at some point. Might take a while though, I'm always juggling 3+ projects at once -_-"

P#84634 2020-11-23 22:01

I made a video showing how to get all gems, in case anyone is unable to unlock all classes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wskGsHhYZJs

P#84916 2020-12-01 22:32

@NikoHippo I just updated the game, the kill requirement on each stage is lower and each puzzle has several tips now :)

Here's the changelog:
Decreased the number of enemies required to progress on puzzles;
Added tips to most puzzles (can be disabled in the pause menu);
Added: "R" key resets the stage;
Added: "T" key skips all puzzles so you can go straight to adventure mode;
1-6, 2-1, and 4-1 slightly changed;
Freeze ball: enemies hit nerfed from 15 to 12;
Fixed final score displaying incorrectly in some cases.

P#85101 2020-12-06 23:25

@JulioMaass Maybe update it for the new 2-1? The bomb strat that you used doesn't work now

P#86883 2021-01-28 18:44

@N1ghtshade You have to destroy the stone without hitting the golem. Then use the 2 bombs where the stone was to kill all golems, and kill all demons with the sword.

P#86902 2021-01-29 04:15

Ah ok

P#86919 2021-01-29 13:54

4-1 also needs a redo, the new water elementals really mess up the old strategy

P#86922 2021-01-29 14:08


Use the fireball in the free tile close to the chest. This will turn the imps into demons, so they give more gold. Then kill all these demons with the arrows, opening the chest. Pick the item from the chest, which will be converted to gold. Now you can buy the item from the shop. Use the lightning on the orcs, killing the water elementals too. Now just clear the remaining yetis with the dagger.

P#86961 2021-01-30 12:46

Yep got it already but thanks!

P#86990 2021-01-30 23:31

I really enjoyed this game, I can never get past the 3 or 4rth level but it's fun nether the less

P#91552 2021-05-05 22:21

@sleepypanda there's a video above with all solutions if you're stuck

P#91556 2021-05-05 23:36

This game is amazing I'm addicted and I haven't even gotten to adventure mode yet!

P#92199 2021-05-19 22:46

You might wanna check out your magic weapons because I think encountered a bug where I take damage from using magic weapons.

P#96882 2021-09-04 23:50

@Kaine Do you have any evidence for that? Magic vs melee weapons can be a bit confusing. For example, Fire Sword is not a magic weapon, it's just a melee weapon enchanted with fire, so it consumes HP, but no MP.

P#96971 2021-09-06 20:53

@BoneVolt The magic weapons do seem to take up hearts (look at the pictures), but besides that this is pretty AMAZING!

P#96975 2021-09-06 22:35 ( Edited 2021-09-06 22:37)

Looks like a bug introduced in the new version of pico-8, even the title screen is bugged...

P#96977 2021-09-06 23:04

Yeah sorry I didn't respond in time I was doing lots of other things so i didn't have time to get back to Pico-8 but thank you Orisgrat for giving proof.

P#97311 2021-09-14 14:22

It should be fixed now

P#99954 2021-11-11 21:06

Good game!

P#100035 2021-11-13 14:22

P.O.V: you are dungeon god and deciding who to kill

P#101975 2021-12-07 22:02

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