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Cart #ruwararana-2 | 2020-10-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


You've been recruited by the Space Miners to make some Space Money, and your new boss told you to not come back home if you don't have at least 100.000 points!

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This is you!

These are the asteroids that kill you!


Arrows: Move
Z: Pewpew
X: Special powers

See Power-ups Below

These are the stuff you can shoot with Z:

This makes your pewpew warp in the screen. (Uses 1 blue power)

This is a triple shot, one to the front, two to the sides. (Uses 1 green power)

This is also a triple shot, but indistructible, and with short range. (Uses 1 yellow power)

This is a quadruple shot, but it only shoots forward. The shots on the sides may be used to shield you a little. (Uses 1 red power)

These are the powers you can use with X:

This is a mega laser, it takes a while to charge, but makes a lot of damage. (Uses 30 blue powers)

Space mine. Place it all around to protect yourself. (Uses 5 green powers)

Atomic missile. Makes a huge blast. Not radioactive though. (Uses 5 yellow powers)

Barrier. Makes you invincible for a while. (Uses 5 red powers)

Now, make your boss angry and shove those points on his face!!

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