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please i need to know this

P#96831 2021-09-03 14:50 ( Edited 2021-09-03 14:58)


Are you asking about Mimo? :-D

P#96834 2021-09-03 14:56

@merwok Well, I know one's a bunny, but the other one i'm not sure.

P#96836 2021-09-03 15:01


P#96840 2021-09-03 17:17

Just came across this and -- although I also don't know what Jelpi is -- just want to clarify that Mimo is definitely the bunny in Mimo & Jelpi!

When I said "the name of the 'real' Jelpi", I meant the name of the full game, not the character! So W I D E J E L P I is correct. cc: @Numzyx

P#98988 2021-10-21 09:07

i've been bamboozled twice now

P#98994 2021-10-21 18:43

This has been a name rollercoaster for me, but glad to get my facts correct :p

P#99398 2021-10-31 00:32

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